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THIS WEEK: Ssali defeats NSSF in court again

Geraldine Ssali

THIS WEEK: Ssali defeats NSSF in court again

In a July 06 ruling, High court judge Stephen Musota ordered the National Social Security Fund to pay its Deputy Director Geraldine Ssali for sending her to forced leave. Ssali had in 2016 run to court after the Fund’s board sent her on temporary leave in order to investigate her alleged acts of indiscipline.  The judge maintained that the board’s move was wrong and a violation of the human resource manual arguing that it’s not right for one to convict and then investigate.

Musota who is also the head of the civil division of the High Court added that  the board is not  mandated to take such an action for the NSSF Act, the piece of law that establishes the fund gives powers of disciplining a director or deputy director to the Minister of Finance.

Earlier in 2016, the same court had ordered the Director and the chairman of the board to pay a fine of Shs200 million when they against a court order blocked Ssali from accessing her office.


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