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THIS WEEK: Minister queries road funding

Monica Azuba Ntege

THIS WEEK: Minister queries road funding

The Minister for Works and Transport Monica Azuba Ntege has expressed disappointment over the criteria in which roads receive funding from Uganda Road Fund.

Ntege was touring roads in Busia district when she learned that some districts receive more funding than others in spite of the maintenance works they have to go through. Busia district officials told Ntege with her deputy, Gen Katumba Wamala that the district gets about Shs400m per year while neighbouring Bugiri receives Shs800m double that amount.

Ntege promised district residents that she would confer with officials from Uganda Road Fund to ensure that the funding for roads is standardized. Ntege and Wamala were in the area to calm residents after an uproar over the termination of the Musita-Namayingo-Lumino-Busia road.


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