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THIS WEEK: Clergy call for a referendum on age limit

The clergy during a function at Kololo Independence grounds

THIS WEEK: Clergy call for a referendum on age limit

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |The clerics have called for a referendum on age limit. Speaking to journalists on Sept.18, the clerics – Uganda Muslim Supreme Council’s Mufti Shaban Mubajje , Rev. Stanley Ntagali of the church of Uganda, Arch. Jonah Lwanga of the orthodox Church, Pr. Daniel Matte of the Seventh Day Adventists union, Arch. Cyprian Kizito of the Kampala Archdiocese and Apostle Joseph Serwadda the leader of the born again faith agreed that it being a critical and sensitive subject the views of all Ugandans should be sought on whether they reject or accept for the presidential age limit to be changed from the current 75 years.

Mubajje appealed to the public that the age limit debate be approached in a nationalistic and nonpartisan manner and that people should put it in mind that the constitution was written to build a better country based on justice, freedom and unity having made it under the memory of Uganda’s history characterized by political and constitutional instability.

However, at the time they came out to speak, some sections of the public were getting concerned about their silence on current social and political developments in the country.


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