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UPC celebrates 63 years of existence

FILE: President of UPC, Jimmy Akena

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) recognised the contribution of heroes that delivered Uganda to Independence as it marked her 63rd birthday while exposing some areas in which the sitting government has failed.

While speaking to the media, the president of UPC, Jimmy Akena said the contributions of people such as Ignatius Kangave Musaazi of Uganda National Congress (UNC) and W. W. Rwetsiba of Uganda People’s Union (UPU) were crucial towards the attainment of independence.

Akena said the party reflected deeply before evolving after the founding of both UNC in 1952 that later merged with UPU to give birth to Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) on March 9 1960.

“UPC continued with the core values of UNC and on 9th October 1962, delivered Uganda to Independence. We acknowledge the contribution of heroes. Our founding father, Dr Apolo Milton Obote in his paper titled UPC birthday, the role of the UPC in Uganda’s independence, summarized saying, “On 9th October, the Duke of Kent representing his cousin, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II handed the Instruments of Independence to me, the President,” he said.

Akena said the contributions of those who delivered Uganda to independence did so through great sacrifice, commitment and achievement, but the long journey for the post-independence struggle had just started.

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