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Universities not adhering to Covid-19 SOPs

The main building at Makerere.

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Universities are not adhering to the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures- SOPs. 

Last month, President Museveni ordered for the commencement of learning for candidates in Primary seven, senior four, senior six and finalists in tertiary institutions and universities. The learners reported to their respective schools on October 15.

The President said that the schools should observe the standard operating procedures to protect the learners from contracting COVID-19 while at school. The SOPs include wearing a mask during lessons, putting in place several hand washing stations preferably at the entrance of every classroom and points of entry and having temperature guns to enable them to screen learners and teachers.

In the first week of reopening, many universities put in place the SOPs, however, some universities have relaxed implementing the measures. 

At Makerere University senate building, there is a hand washing facility, but the Uganda Radio Network reporter did not see the students and lecturers washing their hands.

The person in charge of registration and measuring temperatures at the Senate Building, who preferred anonymity, says that he finds a hard time telling people to wash their hands or to sanitize.

David Ouma a student of Makerere University says that adhering to COVID-19 SOPs has drastically reduced. He says that even in class, few students wear masks.

Davis Alimpa a student at Makerere University Business School- MUBS says that the students and lecturers have relaxed adhering to the SOPs.

At Kampala International University, URN reporter saw more than 20 students not wearing face masks. 

Janet Biira a student Guild Speaker at KIU says that in the first week when the university re-opened, the school administration was strict, but they have now relaxed on the enforcement. 

At Kyambogo, YMCA and Nakawa Vocational Institute, more than 10 students were seen in groups without observing social distancing and were not wearing masks.



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  1. That’s the myopic arrogance of our so called elites and well to do. They think SOPs are for lower social status people, and that corona–19 fears them. They’re being naive. I wish they could visit any isolation Centre in the country and come face with reality. If they are willing to comply, the institutions should be closed again.

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