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Umeme’s new target

Umeme MD, Selestino Babungi (L) breaking down company’s 2017 financial results in Kampala on March 29. Looking on are other company officials.

For instance, he said, in 2005 the industry was collecting Shs 160bn in addition to costing government in terms of subsidies but last year alone (2017), it collected Shs1.6tn and paid the transmission company Shs1tn.

He asked government to deliver on their promise of increasing electricity access through free connection policy, increasing uptake by directing power to industrial zones, increasing affordability by brining on board more generation plants and investing more in transmission lines.

He said the company needs regulatory support during this period and the amendment in the electricity act to curb power theft so that they can achieve the targets that are set.

“My message is we need to continue investing in the network to improve reliability. We need a very strong backbone to deliver power so there is reliability in the country,” Babungi said.

He added that the public hearing was an opportunity for them to highlight on the achievements for the last five or six years as well as respond to consumer queries.

“For us the last period has been great,” he said citing introduction of prepaid metering,cashless payment, staff training and growing the distribution network.

He said the company plans to continue pressing forward to achieve more efficiency in electricity distribution to more than 1.3 million customers that it serves.

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