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UMA president Oledo insists he won’t step down

Th good times at UMA now gone

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Troubled president of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), Dr Samuel Oledo insisted that he will not be stepping down from his position despite earlier calls from fellow association members.

During the Youth Patriotism Symposium at Kololo Independence Grounds December 3, Oledo led a group of medical personnel to kneel before President Yoweri Museveni and asked him to stand again in 2026.

His actions have since been condemned by UMA executive members who say Oledo acted unprofessionally by” involving” himself in partisan politics.

Three days later on Tuesday, UMA secretary general, Dr Herbert LDrata said Oledo had stepped down to allow independent investigations into his actions.

However, while addressing the media, Oledo insisted that whereas he has allowed investigations to proceed, he will not be stepping down from his position.

“I am still the president of UMA and I’m not stepping aside. I have allowed investigations to go and that’s why I have been quiet. I have not involved myself in anything. The investigations are going on.” Oledo said.

Oledo accused the association members of double standards, wondering why they never investigated him last year after he knelt and asked Museveni to increase doctors’ salaries.


  1. There may be a paradigm shift


    What was the theme of that performance?

    Was the content representative of the interests of those to whom no harm should be inflicted?

    Who was the recipient of the message?

    Look out for their feedback as they leave the facilities

    Then the population will be touched and those who paraded the corridors will remember the “voice”


  2. Where are the teachers? Indeed where are they? Is it because the oath is modified?

    Is it because when the oath is being administered, the concerned are making noise

    Many years ago the group stood up, listened and finally said “I do”

    Is it the varied exercise, for indeed it used to be a well defined process of a tested individuals, observed with a keen eye, way wardness was met by dismissal
    It was training of purpose by those with experience in the respective field.

    The product comfortably referred to one another as ” colleagues”
    Alas, now one takes caution to utter thar word!!
    Gone are the days when a junior asked the teacher about the colour of his tea cup and his reply was ” i do not step on grass” RIP

  3. Epilogue
    It is sad that a big person has become unwell

    We who sit in long lines waiting to be seen by a healthcare worker, hopefully look forward to the active use of the machine, the CT scan at the regional hospital, for its presence will put a stop to the troublesome, long trips to Kampala.

    So far we have heard that the patient is not at the regional hospital, in his own report he says some tests will be run

    Now is it possible that there is a lot that the CT scan at the regional Hospital may not do?

    Lost in thought, we await the answers?!+

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