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Uganda’s Katongole addresses Rotary International convention in Melbourne

Katongole gets onto the IR stage in Melbourne, Australia

 Emmanuel  Katongole shares his Ugandan story, says Rotary changes lives across the world

Melbourne, Australia | THE INDEPENDENT |  Past District Governor Emmanuel Katongole has addressed the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne Australia, saying he is an example of the transformational power of Rotary across the world.

“Over the years, Rotary has transformed millions of people around the world. I am one of them. My history and Rotary inspire me do more for humanity because I know what it means to live in extreme poverty and privilege; the difference is huge,” Katongole said on Tuesday.

“It is our responsibility to bridge this gap,” he reminded Rotarians, adding that ” Rotary is the best vehicle to channel our humanitarian efforts and make a change.”

Katongole is a Rotary TRF Peace Major Gifts Iniinitiative Advisers 2021-2023 & Team Leader  and is also Executive Chairman, Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd, Chairman Uganda National Oil Company and member of the Rotary Club of Muyenga, Kampala, Uganda.

He narrated his lucky encounter with Rotarians, that enabled him to first get an education after a torrid childhood, and later helped the pharmaceutical company he co-founded to secure a partnership with Indian Pharmaceutical giant Cipla Ltd.

The main theme of this year’s Rotary International convention in Melbourne is Imagine Change.

‘All this sucess wouldn’t have been possible without my encounter with Rotary, first through Rotary supporting my university education as well as connecting me to Cipla India for partnership.’

PDG Katongole moments before he shared the role Rotary has played in his life.

 Success story for Uganda in HIV/AIDS and malaria 

The business connection to Cipla India has enabled Katongole’s company grow and manufactures HIV/AIDS and malaria medicines.

“Not sure how my past takes credit for joining Rotary, however, the help from Rotarians has enabled my journey,” he said.

His company employs over 600 professionals and supply medicines to 20 African Countries. About 2 million people in Africa are surviving because of our HIV/AIDS medicines, he revealed.

“In Uganda, we have reduced the number of people dying of Malaria from over 400 per day to less than 50 and our dream is to get it to zero. These earned me an induction into the 2013 World Entrepreneur of the year Hall of Fame.”

He narrated how he helped build a Rotary Blood Bank that closed a 27% blood transfusion shortage in Uganda.

” I was key to setting up Makerere University Rotary Peace Centre and I am the Team Leader of the TRF Peace Major Gifts Initiative. Friends, all the above is what you receive when Rotary gives hope to hopeless situations like mine.”

“Through Rotary I am determined to pay backwards and forward. About to reach my second AKS and growing.”

He concluded by saying, “As we leave Melbourne, let us all go out and inspire Humanity. Let us continue imagining Rotary and as we do so, we will create hope in the World.”



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