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Ugandan Albinos to be declared among persons with disabilities

By Sarah Namulondo

The minister for persons with disabilities, Suleiman Madada, has today said that Uganda is considering including albinos into the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs.

Madada told press today that leaders of albinos were complaining to him that they too are a vulnerable group but they have been left with no ministry or any body that fights for their rights.

He said that for this to be made possible the Ugandan disability act has to be changed to include them.

Madada said this a few days to the Dec 3 celebrations of the international day for persons with disabilities to be held at Serena hotel in Kampala.

He added that this year’s theme is about “celebrating 50 years of independence and mainstreaming disability in the development process”.

The national celebrations will have a series of high impact activities that will be organised by the ministry and the disability fraternity.

Of all the activities included, media campaigns are on top of the list followed by meetings with decision makers in government, public commissions, corporate and the private sector.

Madada said policy makers and service providers should put disability into their mainstream programs and plans to overcome the existing barriers.

He said that this day is celebrated worldwide to promote awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities in the world.

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