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Uganda Airlines plans repatriation flight

Uganda’s ‘Bombardiers’ were tested early this week. They will next week be used to repatriate Ugandans from South Africa

Entebbe, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The repatriation of Ugandans stuck abroad because of the COVID-19 pandemic will start this week with Uganda Airlines flying home several from South Africa.

“Uganda Airlines will operate a repatriation charter flight for Ugandans in South Africa; Johannesburg to Entebbe on 25th June 2020,” Uganda Airlines announced Sunday afternoon.

The development comes a few days after all four of Uganda Airlines new Mitsubishi CRJ-900 (Bombardier) planes tested their engines for the first time on Friday afternoon after 90 days on ground.

Images from Flightradar24. com,  a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world, showed the four planes – Flight 5XKNP, 5XEQU, 5XKOB and another that did not have a call sign – airborne in Ugandan airspace for an average of 40 minutes.

As indeed many experts thought, it signaled a resumption of service soon after the COVID-19 lockdown. Uganda airspace remains closed to international schedule passenger flights until further notice.



    EBB DxB Flight when….???

    I am Stranded in Kampala Uganda since Msrch
    I have visited Kampala on 15th March by Emirates Flight EK 729 from Dubai My Return Emirates Flight EK 730 was scheduled to Dubai on 19th March but same day UAE Govt has Denied Entry of UAE Residence visa holders too since than i am Stranded in Kampala
    I am Indian Passport Holder having UAE Residence visa
    Now Awaiting for Flight to Dubai

  2. Please resume flights to Dubai by Emirates we are stranded in Kampala all Residency holders are waiting

  3. Bananuka Joseph

    Iam in Dubai and I have spent all the 3 months without working and my company is trying to practically throw me out of the accommodation, am not the only one but a number of workers, please our dear government in Dubai its difficult to survive without money.
    Please help and schedule the repatriation fights in time before any people die of hunger.

  4. When au opening the airport ….

  5. Resume all the flights as other countries have done we a literally tired of this shit every thing ugandan is not straight, been in lockdown for 3 months and at the end of the day u came with the storyline of scientists, just know we are tired of your nonsense where was your unprofessional scientists all along with all the diseases that we have been battle with, other countries salons,shops ,airports, are open but here we are still in nonsense and on one has to be in quarantine if not tested positive for the returned ones

  6. Hi
    Thanks alot to give us airplane to help us from south Africa to come back home, but I see only 25th June?
    It’s only one time because some people they don’t know, I’m the one who need to come back, but I read news ryt now, dear our government please we need at least 2 times per week thanks

    • Yah that also confused me that only on 25th. And some people don’t have idea on it. Instead of opening the airport so the people be aware of it. The government is busy giving out mask in which everyone can buy it

  7. Thousands of people are stranded and stuck here in uganda we need to go back to our families in UAE Dubai . for example I have a little baby of 9month whom i left in dubai with my
    Maid and came to uganda for emergency for burial but am stuck here my daughter is gona make one year coz am stuck here for more than three months please let the Emirates airline operate too so that we can go back to UAE i need to be with my daughter

  8. Kindly requesting the government to put request under consideration of out bound thus flying out of uganda back to UAE Dubai we are stranded here we are UAE RESIDENTS we have families there and little children too we have work too we are stuck here flying out doesnt cause any harm to the uganda nation

  9. What about other countries? Are Ugandans stranded only in South Africa? Discrimination????????????????????????????

  10. Nkurunziza Uwera

    It’s His excellence Museveni is no longer the president of Uganda…its like my country is led by other people. Am also stranded in uae, I tried booking a flight of 3rd July going to Uganda with emirates after hearing airports r opening, but I was told no flights on that day and to my surprise when I called the embassy they told me there is flight on 3rd July, not it has 1 seat left in business class n I have to pay 4000aed. Mind u I booked a flight of 16th July at 2000aed but they told me it was also cancelled

  11. Nkurunziza Uwera

    Am still Wondering how people are booking flights for repatriation yet they are cancelling them after booking

  12. Nakabaale Christopher

    Entebbe International Airport is now opening for the commercial flights.

    I trust in God for that.

  13. Pliz stop shit of excuses of corona virus its not there just open flights and we proceed we are tired of this drama *

  14. When will entebbe open there flights so my husband and son can come to Canada because they have been there to long

  15. I hope you can open up fast. I miss my husband.

    • I want to be with my husband and son. It has been long and I have read that the only reason for this delay in flights is because the president is getting money from other countries for to feed Ugandan people but has done nothing. Greed is not a reason to keep people locked up. Please let the country open.

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