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Two people commit suicide

FILE PHOTO: The main building at Makerere.

Two people including a Makerere University student committed suicide after unclear circumstances.

Kampala, Uganda |Aloysious Kasoma| Emmanuel Kagina a second year student pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in arts degree at Makerere University jumped to death from one of the tallest buildings at the campus on Sunday and died instantly upon hitting the ground from the 5th floor of a girl’s Hall of residence, Mary Stuart . It’s suspected that he could have got a misunderstanding with his girl friend.

Mustafa Musisi, a mechanic at Total Lugazi, is reported to have suddenly left his workplace  on Monday and rushed to a nearby butchery, where he picked up a machete and cut his neck.

According to Kassim Musoke, the owner of the butchery, Musisi waited for him to get out before he proceeded with his act. “I tried to rescue him but he drew the machte at me, asking me to keep away because he knew what he was doing,” Musoke said. After ensuring that he had cut himself deeply, he dropped the machete and attempted to walk back to his place of work, forcing Musoke to raise the alarm.

Musisi is reported to have fallen midway, where the police later picked him up and rushed him to Kawolo hospital but it was too late. “The cut was so deep,” a nurse at Kawolo hospital, who asked for anonymity, said.

According to the witness Musisi had attempted to end his life earlier Friday 9th by taking poison.

Police confirmed the incidents and said they had launched investigations into the causes of the suicides.

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