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Top Sierra Leone FA officials indicted

Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President Isha Johansen

Freetown, Sierra Leone | AFP | Sierra Leone’s anti-graft agency indicted the country’s football federation president Isha Johansen and secretary general Chris Kamara on six counts of abuse of office and corruption on Thursday, following a year of investigations.

The indictment was issued in Freetown by Anti-Corruption Commission chief Ade Macauley, who said he had “sufficient evidence” of the alleged misuse of donor and government funds by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA).

The SLFA has been rocked by crisis after crisis linked to match fixing allegations, corruption and poor leadership through Johansen’s tenure.

Both Johansen and Kamara are expected to appear in court on October 30, and have previously denied any wrongdoing.

Johansen and Kamara were first arrested in September 2016 over alleged corruption offences, but were released without charge.

FIFA in July delayed an ordinary congress to set up elections for new executive members while its own integrity checks were carried out, but said Johnsen could continue in her role.

The two top football executives were charged just two days after Johansen announced she would contest the next SLFA election.

Minister of Sports Ahmed Khanou who supervises the activities of the association was not available for comment on the indictment on Thursday.

Fifteen Sierra Leonean players and officials were suspended in July 2014 over suspect matches including a 2010 World Cup qualifier against South Africa, notably implicating former Leone Stars captain Ibrahim Kargbo.

A Sierra Leonean-Lebanese football administrator, Rodney Michael, is also accused of links to sports betting company Mercury International, a major financier of sports activities in Sierra Leone.



  1. I certainly hope the ACC has something more substantial to go on than mere speculation. The poor lady has been a victim of sexism since she took up office. The erstwhile football establishment are envious of her success and her unwillingness to be a party to their corrupt schemes. Apparently, her detractors have the support of the corrupt ridden sports administration and their intention is to get her frustrated enough that she decides to quit. But she is strong and she will be found guiltless. At least, I hope so, for the sake of football in the country. Otherwise, it will, like everything else in the country, continue to sink into oblivion.

  2. Madam Isha Johansen took over the reigns of the SLFA by foul means eviscerating her rivals, Rodney Michael and the legend Mohamed Kallon with spurious allegations resulting in getting them banned from contesting her for the presidency of the SLFA. She had no support from the football stakeholders or the football-loving public.. It was a selection/imposition and not an election which did not augur well for Sierra Leone football. No meaningful local football has taken place in the country during her reign of 4 years that officially ended on August 3rd 2017. She has in the meantime selflessly promoted herself on international media using her feminity to become a cause celebre of African football and in Fifa has been appointed to several committees. Her championing of Womens football was mere lip-service. No womens league operated and the women’s natonal team were unprerpared for international competitions leading to some serious thrashings. The ACC maybe toothless but without the Govts & Sports Ministers backing for her ths time round only Fifa can keep her in situ. Her reign has been an abject failure, no football leagues have operated in the country since 2014, there has been no progress though a record amount funds have been received from Fifa during this period.

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