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TABLED: First reading of Constitution Ammendment Bill

Magyezi has tabled “age limit” bill for first reading today. PHOTO BY UGANDA PARLIAMENT

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  MP Raphael Magyezi (Igara West -NRM) has today tabled the Constitution (Ammendment) Bill 2017 for its first reading.

Magyezi last week got leave of parlaiment to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to amend Articles 102 (b), 108(3a) and 108(4) of the constitution.

It has been referred to by many as the “Age Limit” motion, focussing on the 75 year limit for the presidency that the motion also seeks to change. The motion however addresses other issues, including election petitions.

Seconders of the “Age Limit” motion argue that article 102(b) in the Uganda constitution is discriminatory and against the notion of inclusiveness.

Rule 114 of the Rules of Parliament necessary for passing a bill provides that every bill shall be read three times prior to its being passed. The processes are prescribed by the Rules from Parts XVIII – XXI as follows-

(a) First Reading: which is a formality, marks the formal introduction of the Bill in Parliament and the Bill is then committed to the relevant Sessional Committee of Parliament for consideration. At this stage, the committee will normally invite the relevant Minister to introduce the Bill and may invite other stakeholders to state their views on the provisions of the Bill and the committee may even sometimes hold hearings for the purpose.


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