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Team named to finalize set up of an Adhola TV, radio

President Yoweri Museveni greets Kwari Adhola, Moses Owori, dring a fundraising drive last year. The Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) has set its sights on setting up a broadcasting arm.

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Jago (Prime Minister) of The Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) has named a team of 27 to finalize the set up of a television station, radio and online operations.

A statement from the office of the Jago Obbo Richard Josel on Sunday stated that,  “Padhola has for a while been at pains because of misrepresentation of its ideals and  challenges it faces while mobilizing its subjects. His Royal Highness the Kwar Adhola, was motivated in mid-2019, to direct the Jago to put in place modalities to bring the broadcasting project to fruition.”

Tasked to raise funds for the venture from well wishers in Tororo, Uganda and the diaspora, is a team co-chaired by prominent Ugandans Geresom Okecho-Ochwo  and Owere Wilson Usher.

Their first assignment will be to raise at least sh350 million for phase one of the plan – a  long overdue radio project.  The broadcast venture will be done in conjunction with the development agency of TACI, the Tieng Adhola Development Foundation (TADEFO).

“His Royal Highness immediately directed that due to the challenges of misrepresentation of TACI ideals and mobilization of her subjects, a radio project be given immediate attention. This has so far passed the due process through the Board of TADEFO, where a taskforce was formed to do a study and help set up this project,” said Jago Obbo.

The Jago – Obbo Richard Josel

Strategic plans

Setting up a fully functioning broadcast arm is one of several strategies and projects outlined for action by the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI).

The ongoing projects include the Africa Women’s University of Science and Technology in Tororo (AWUSTT) that in 2017 got an Interim Letter of Authority from the National Council for Higher Education.

The University project is a partnership between Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution and Forum for African Women Educationalists Uganda Limited (FAWEU). FAWEU has got three members in the steering committee.

The other is construction of a palace, that started in 2011 with the support of the government but has dragged on due to failure to release more funds for its completion, and rebranding of the  Tieng Adhola Development foundation (TADEFO) as a development arm of TACI.

Members of the fundraising committee for the Radio Project 



1. Mr. Geresom Okecho-Ochwo Co-chairperson
2. Mr. Owere Wilson Usher Co-chairperson
3. Rt. Hon. Okoth Ogolla Mboti Secretary
4. Mr. Mayende Othieno Constant Treasurer
5. Mr. Charles Owor Okoth Member
6. Rt. Hon. Owor Jag Adrian Member
7. Rt. Hon. Akongo Rose Ndekezi Member
8. Rt. Hon. Bernadette Olowo Freers Member
9. Hon. Oboth Marksons Jacob Member
10. Hon. Apollo Ofwono Yeri Member
11. Ms. Keto Maria Goretti Member
12. Pastor Okello Jefferson Member
13. Mr. Okongo Ofumbi Emmanuel Member
14. Ms. Gorretti Odoi Member
15. Dr. Achola Roseline Member
16. Mr. Oketcho Val Member
17. Dr. Robert Steven Owor – USA Member
18. Dr. Wafwoyo Winfred – USA Member
19. Dr. Odongo George – USA Member
20. Mr. Ochieng Richard Obbo – South Africa   Member
21. Mr. Olweny Bruno Charles – Botswana   Member
22. Mr. Osinde Solomon – UK                     Member
23. Mr. Othieno Wonilowo – UK                  Member
24. Ms. Mary Oketcho – UK                          Member
25. Mr. Robert Magara Onyango                   Member
26. Mr. Oboth Jackson                                   Member
27. Ms. Tumuboine Ephrance Ofwono                     Member

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