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‘Smart’ uniforms track Chinese students in truancy fight

Beijing, China | AFP | Schools in southern China are using chip-powered “smart” school uniforms to track their students in a bid to tackle truancy and boost attendance, according to state media. The uniforms use chips to monitor the location of students and can record their exit and entry into …

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COMMENT: Building Africa’s scientific talent

Discovering them means rethinking the entire education system in Africa around three priorities COMMENT | DANIEL MUNDEVA | Ten years ago, South African physicist Neil Turok made a bold prediction: the world’s next Einstein will be from Africa. A decade later, it is worth considering whether the continent is any closer …

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Dream of augmented humans endures, despite sceptics

Paris, France | AFP | Brain implants, longer lives, genetically modified humans: for the prophets of transhumanism — the scientifically assisted evolution of humans beyond our current limitations — it is just a matter of time. But many scientists insist that some problems are not so easily solved. Sooner or …

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Cell-by-cell DNA science is ‘Breakthrough of 2018’

Tampa, United States | AFP | The US journal Science on Thursday coined as “Breakthrough of the Year” for 2018 new technologies that reveal how DNA cues individual cells to grow through time. Experts say these methods will transform science over the coming decades, allowing an ever clearer picture of …

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Eradicating malaria

Scientist develop vaccine technique that could block mosquitoes from transmitting disease Kampala, Uganda | WEI-CHIAO HUANG & JONATHAN LOVELL | Is it possible to eradicate malaria? It is a question with which many researchers have grappled, and many ideas have been proposed. The reason malaria has garnered so much attention is …

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East Africa may lose its crown as ‘cradle of mankind’

Algiers, Algeria | AFP | Archaeologists in Algeria have discovered stone tools and cut animal bones that may be up to 2.4 million years old, bringing into question East Africa’s title as the cradle of humanity, according to research published Thursday in the journal Science. The artifacts — more ancient …

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