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COMMENT: Nature vs. infrastructure

Environmentally reckless growth is not preordained; it is possible to make smart, sustainable choices COMMENT | MAXWELL GOMERA |  In November 2017, scientists working in Sumatra, Indonesia, made an exciting announcement: they had discovered a new species of orangutan, bringing to seven the number of great ape species globally. But one year later, …

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‘Zebra’ tribal bodypaint cuts fly bites 10-fold: study

Paris, France | AFP | Traditional white-striped bodypainting practiced by ndigenousi communities mimics zebra stripes to reduce the number of potentially harmful horsefly bites a person receives by up to 10-fold, according to new research published Wednesday. Tribes in Africa, Australia and southeast Asia have practiced bodypainting in cultural ceremonies for …

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Your brain dictates how many friends you have

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Think about your closest friends—the people you call daily, share your secrets with, and text at 2 a.m. when you need a favour or some emotional support. How many people are you picturing? One? Three? Eight? If you’re like most people, you probably answered between …

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‘Smart’ uniforms track Chinese students in truancy fight

Beijing, China | AFP | Schools in southern China are using chip-powered “smart” school uniforms to track their students in a bid to tackle truancy and boost attendance, according to state media. The uniforms use chips to monitor the location of students and can record their exit and entry into …

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COMMENT: Building Africa’s scientific talent

Discovering them means rethinking the entire education system in Africa around three priorities COMMENT | DANIEL MUNDEVA | Ten years ago, South African physicist Neil Turok made a bold prediction: the world’s next Einstein will be from Africa. A decade later, it is worth considering whether the continent is any closer …

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Dream of augmented humans endures, despite sceptics

Paris, France | AFP | Brain implants, longer lives, genetically modified humans: for the prophets of transhumanism — the scientifically assisted evolution of humans beyond our current limitations — it is just a matter of time. But many scientists insist that some problems are not so easily solved. Sooner or …

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