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Year 2016 will last a second longer

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 1… An extra second to see out 2016 Paris, France | AFP | As if 2016 has not been long enough, the year’s dying minute will last an extra second to make up for time lost to Earth’s slowing rotation, timekeepers say. Countries that use …

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Veggie stew on the menu 10,000 years ago

Paris, France | AFP | Humans used ceramic pots to cook wild plants more than 10,000 years ago, well before the advent of agriculture, researchers reported. The findings are the earliest direct proof that our species processed plants for food. The vessels, discovered in Libya, contained traces of wild grasses …

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Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain: study

Paris, France | AFP |  Pregnancy causes “long-lasting” physical changes to a woman’s brain, with significant, but seemingly beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the crucial organ, a study said. Some alterations lasted at least two years, they reported, but did not appear to erode memory or other mental …

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Don’t sleep on it: going to bed mad makes it worse

Paris, France | AFP | A good night’s sleep may reinforce negative memories in the brain, researchers said on Tuesday, lending scientific credence to the time-worn caution against going to bed angry. Slipping into slumber while holding on to a freshly-formed bad memory engraves it in the brain, making it …

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Study shows record-shattering birds stay in air for 10 months

Miami, United States | AFP |  A small, dark-feathered bird known as the common swift flies for 10 months on end without ever landing, the longest time spent aloft of any known bird, scientists said Thursday. The findings in the US journal Current Biology confirmed a 46-year-old hypothesis, first offered …

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Taxes, love: The more we lie, the easier it gets

Slippery slope: the more we lie, the easier it gets Paris, France | AFP | Whether cheating on taxes or one’s lover, the little lies we tell can quickly escalate into big ones, according to a study released Monday that describes dishonesty as a “slippery slope”. Serial untruths, moreover, register …

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