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President to launch Kiira Motors Electric Trike at National Science Week 2023



LEAP OF FAITH: Dr. Monica Musenero at the launch of the Science Week

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Ugandans will get a chance to showcase the leap into a new era of innovation at the National Science Week to take place from the 6th to the 11th of November 2023.

President Yoweri Museveni will be chief guest at the event at Kololo, where there will be a debut launch of another exciting vehicle by Kiira Motors – the Kiira Motors Electric Trike (3 in 1) – for mobility, irrigation and power generation. This is a new vehicle to enable farmers power, light and irrigate their farms and homes.

Speaking at the luanch of events leading to the National Science Week 2023 on Wednesday, Dr. Monica Musenero Masanza, the Minister for Science, Technology & Innovation stated that the theme for the National Science Week 2023 is “Uganda Tusimbudde: Our Science-Led Journey Towards Socio-Economic Transformation.”

Dr. Musenero said that the week promises a wide array of engaging activities, including; regional exhibitions, a dedicated press day, interactions with academia and students, insightful roundtable discussions, and an investor forum tailored at addressing the financial challenges faced by early-stage ventures and innovators in the country.

This is the third  edition of the hallmark event on Uganda’s calendar that celebrates the country’s realms of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI).

“As of July 2023, Uganda was characterized by average age of 16.3 years, indicative of a generation raised in an era of technological diversity and drastic progress. As a Secretariat under the Office of the President, we are strategically aligning our efforts to meet the unique needs of this expanding demographic by championing innovations tailored to their requirements,” said Dr. Musenero.

“Our core thematic areas include the utilization of Artificial Intelligence to bolster industry and production, pioneering advancements in vaccine and drug development through pathogen research, venturing into space and aeronautics exploration, and propelling technological innovations aimed at optimizing transport and mobility.”

According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Development Programmed (UNDP), Uganda advanced to the 119th rank out of 132 countries in the Global Innovation Index for the year 2022. This upward trend underscores Uganda’s unwavering dedication to advancing science and technology, signifying substantial advancements in this field.

Building upon the successes of the previous two editions of the National Science Week and the innovative prowess exhibited, the government is setting up the National Science Technology Engineering and Innovations Center along Masaka Road. This specialized facility’s mission is to provide a home for Uganda’s innovations, offering the necessary support for these disruptive ideas to compete on a global scale.

The climax of the exhibition will be celebrated on Family Day, featuring captivating performances by talented artists and local entertainers. This day will also serve as a platform to honor Uganda’s exceptional science entrepreneurs and innovators who have made significant contributions to Uganda’s progress.

“Science, Technology and Innovation as the driving force to economic transformation. We are confident that government strategic focus in this area is already beginning to yield results, paving the way for Uganda to compete on the global scale. Our primary objective is to export technology and break free from the dependency on imported Science, technology and innovation products that have dominated our previous decades,” Dr. Musenero said.

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