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Kampala Biennale is Back

Biennales are major international contemporary art exhibitions mostly conceived in cities around the world and our dusty Kampala happens to have its own. ARTS | MATT KAYEM | Once again, it’s another chance for the international art spotlight to project its blaring light on Kampala. Running for its fourth edition …

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ARTS: Seniority First

Exhibit finally resolves who’s an art master controversy with six luminary artists The Independent | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | A master is a skilled individual who passes on his skills to a learner. Traditionally, in art, the master worked with apprentices and passed on the skills.  The term master gained interest …

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ARTS: Embodiments of reason

Six artists revolutionizing materiality and collaboration Materiality in art is often evoked by artists as a response to how different objects in the community can be used to produce art. In the recent joint exhibition by Dr. Lilian Nabulime (Uganda) and Maria Brinch (Norway), the artists ventured into experimenting on …

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Art that cares

`We have lost our capacity to empathise; to ask what if it were me’ Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | For his boda boda helmet project, artist Collin Sekajugo creatively decorates works motor-cycle rider helmets using textile collages or paintings in a campaign against road accidents. Kampala has narrow roads …

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ARTS: Wood & womanhood

Innovative sculptures tackle sexuality Kampala, Uganda | Dominic Muwanguzi | Womanhood is a delicate topic, especially when it touches on sexuality which is still regarded a taboo by many, including the elite at university. But there is no escaping it for Dr. Lilian Nabulime of Makerere School of Fine Art. …

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ARTS: Different But One 21

Innovation through collaboration  By Dominic Muwanguzi An exhibition by Makerere Art lecturers is bound to evoke excitement – after all these are the elite of the modern and contemporary art scene in Uganda.  However, the excitement goes a notch higher when it is the annual `Different But One’ exhibition now …

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