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TACI sets ball rolling for Tororo Broadcasting Network


Tororo Rock. The radio is expected to dominate the Tororo airwaves.

Plan on for TBN Radio to hit Tororo airwaves soon

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Plans to establish the Tororo Broadcasting Network (TBN) got a major boost after organizers of the project last week secured a building to host a radio station, and also completed paper-work to obtain a frequency and license from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

A Sh600 million funds drive to establish a radio to serve all corners of the district and beyond has been initiated by the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI), with appeals going to potential share-holders in Uganda and abroad.

“We now have a house at Tororo central business district ready to house the radio, courtesy of Ambassador Bernadette Olowo- Freers. This will offset a budget of sh6m annually,” revealed Geresom Okecho-Ochwo, co-chair of the committee in charge of the TBN project.

UCC paperwork done

Okecho announced that they have also concluded with Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) on the paper work for obtaining a frequency and license.

“All costs involved to the tune of sh45 million have been pledged by the area MP, Apollo Yeri. What is required immediately is money to procure radio equipment estimated at US$25,000 (sh100m) and installation costs of about (sh50 million),” he said.

He asked members of the community they will serve, and well wishers in the diaspora to support the project, which will be the first full time Jopadhola radio to hit the airwaves.

Okecho said the TBN radio committee is still reconciling contributions done so far, including from all the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) clans, but he concluded that “never in the history of Padhola have the Jopadhola community shown such impetus, zest and overwhelming enthusiasm to jointly follow a path that is envisioned to forge unity, development and collective progress for all.”

TACI have also included a GoFundMe initiative online as one of the ways to raised funds. It is organised by Prof Robert Owor at Albany State University.

The radio will among other things promote education, and preservation of Padhola culture

The task to raise money was handed to a committee of 31 eminent persons  by the TACI Jago (Prime Minister), who revealed that the Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor had conceived the idea of establishing a radio station to act as a platform and voice for grandchildren of Padhola. This project will be the springboard for development activities under TACI.

“It was agreed that a radio, owned by the community would not only serve as a voice for unity and development of Padhola, but also act as springboard for other development initiatives under TACI,” said Okecho.

Padhola faces many social economic challenges and TACI resolved to prioritize radio as a developmental tool, to inform and educate, and promote its and government’s programmes.

Radio is still the dominant mass-medium in Uganda with the widest geographical reach and the highest audiences compared with television (TV), newspapers and other information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Technology has made radio into a more two-way medium and that it can help bridge the digital divide by providing a powerful tool for information dissemination and access, especially for hard-to-reach rural audiences.

Bench-marking done

The TBN committee has concluded bench-marking with thriving community FM stations such as CBS FM, Voice of Tooro and agreed on a business plan. The plan includes raising Sh12 million from each of the 52 clans, carry out fundraising from Ugandans nationally and abroad plus solicit for funds from various institutions and development partners.

“With all the above achievements, the committee now feels that time is ripe to rally all well-meaning Jopadhola, friends and well-wishers so that funds can be mobilized for realization of this vision on September 26, 2020 (postponed to November 7). Where there is a will, there is always a way. ”

REACHING THE MASSES: A Luo elder (descendant of Owiny) demonstrates use of regalia (shield-and-spear) to Kwar Adhola, cultural leader of the Jopadhola and descendant of Adhola, in the first such official meeting in 500 years in Tororo in November last year. This was when the Luo Elders Council, led by Chairman Ker Willis Opiyo Otondi visited Uganda.  Kwar Adhola will end of this month go online to launch a TACI radio fundraiser.

Kwar Adhola to launch drive November 7

A 31-member committee co-chaired by Okecho and trade union leader Usher Wilson Owere that was instituted earlier this year are planning an official launch at Kwar Adhola’s palace on November 7. The target is to give the funds-drive a sh100 million boost.

“At the fundraising event, TACI shall have a blend of virtual (involving Jopadhola in diaspora) and physical (scientific at the palace). On the day, many items will be auctioned. HRH The Kwar Adhola will officially launch the fundraising event,” Okecho confirmed.

The committee has opened collection bank accounts with DFCU Bank Limited, Acacia Branch to ease the fundraising drive.


ACCOUNT NO (UGX): 01063658295260

ACCOUNT NO (USD): 02063658329257

Treasurer, Constant Othieno Mayende Mobile Money (MTN: 0772 590464 or Airtel: 0751 233470)

Website:  (CLICK)

GoFundMe (click)



  1. I feel acquiring Land and building the radio station in the Long run prove to be beneficial.

  2. This is a very good initiative and am sure it’s going to unit all the Luo people across the globe.
    Thanks to the team behind the radio establishment and I wish success to ourselves in all what we do.

  3. Great move, it’s very important that for the first time in history the institution of Padhola will have a platform where they can raise the voices independently, mobilize their subjects and connect to the other luo cummunities across the continent of Africa.

  4. I love this though there is a bit of observations noted in this arrangment as per the budgeting aspect of the project. Given 8yrs of actively served inTororo(radio) and now another 8yrs in s Sudan still in media house, I have a word or two that can benefit the developing our intended project.
    Reach me on WhatsApp +211922643643. We are together.

  5. Othieno francis mboti

    It long overdue for that radio

  6. It z very good if padhola they hv their own radho of voice of padhola am so happy

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