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STAYING ALIVE 3: Signs of life


Staying Alive 3: Signs of life 

UCI AT 50: The Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) that started on August 8, 1967 is celebrating 50 years. One of the activities in the month-long celebrations is a launch of a book this week – STAYING ALIVE  – that documents the journey of Uganda Cancer Institute from 1967-2017. This blog post, from HIPUganda, is one in a series that has five excerpts.

Kampala, Uganda| HIPUGANDA | Visualising Cancer has its challenges. It is both abstract and hard to look at. A taboo and a spectacle. These challenges are apparent when thinking of the effects the various types of cancer have on the bodies they affect, when thinking about what the treatment of the disease really looks like, but also, when making sure people will be able to find their way, as Marissa Mika remembers from her early days as a researcher at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

I am still here in the UK. Looking at the image Andrea just shared with me. Signs stacked up at the wall, telling us to fight cancer. A moment of calm before a month of activities begin at the Uganda Cancer Institute to mark fifty years.

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