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Son to slain Muslim cleric tells court father mentioned Sheikh Kamoga


A son to one of the slain Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga has narrated to court how assailants attacked and shot at his father in the car at Bwebajja Mosque.

This 18-year-old boy is a student at Mbogo College in Kawempe Division and the 6th prosecution witness in the murder trial of 14 people accused of masterminding several murders of Muslim clerics in the country.

He told the ICD panel of three judges led by Ezekiel Muhanguzi, that on the fateful day December 28 2016 at about 7.45 pm, he was in Bwebajja Mosque praying and heard loud bangs which at first he thought were electric sparks, and on running out of the mosque he found his father who was waiting in the car lying unconscious in the co-drivers seat.

He has testified that on pulling him up , the late Bahiga gained his consciousness a bit and repeatedly mentioned the words “Kamoga anzise” on his way to Namulundu hospital in Kajjansi and in the ambulance to Mulago hospital before breathing his last.

Sheikh Kamoga is one of the key suspects in this murder trial of Shiekhs Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya.

The witness has testified that his father the late Bahiga had during the day drove him with his two siblings to Wandegeya Mosque for Darasa (Muslim religious teachings) where they met with another slain sheikh Kirya and deputy Supreme Mufti Muhamood Kibaate.

He further told court that he had seen and met Sheikh Kamoga before in their religious teachings and he was able to properly identify him before court.

When asked by the prosecution whether he knew of any grudge between his father and Sheikh Kamoga, the witness said he didn’t know of any as the two sheikhs worked together, with his father being the Kampala district Emir.

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