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Sheikh Mubaje, Kamulegeya sign peace deal


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda has signed a peace communique with rival Muslim groups led by Sheikh Abdul Obeid Kamulegeya, the former Chief of Uganda at the Uganda Muslim Headquarters at Old Kampala.

The 3-page communique outlines seven areas key among, which is that all Muslims of Uganda have agreed to unite under Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC as their umbrella body.

It also provides for the resolution of the UMSC executive and joint sessions to create the offices of deputies at all levels of UMSC structures and sharing of the positions by all Muslim leaders.

It also provides for the creation of a trust to manage all Muslim Properties in Uganda. The trust will be constituted and provided for in the UMSC Constitution. The communique also proposed the expansion of the UMSC constitutional Review Committee to collect proposed amendments to the UMSC constitution from Muslims nationwide.

The communique also lists a number of Muslim leaders and elders who will constitute Majlis Al Shura (consultation council) that will be provided for in the amended UMSC Constitution. Speaking at the signing of the communique on Friday, Sheikh Mubaje expressed special thanks and glory to the Almighty Allah for His divine favours that has enabled him to sign the Communique.

“I am so much delighted today for the unity drive, we initiated five years ago between me and our elder Sheikh Kamulegeya before we disclosed it to our confidants,” Sheikh Mubaje said. He revealed that he had never dreamt of the day when Ugandan Muslims without any external intervention or influence would agree to unite for the purpose of finding solutions towards overcoming the challenges facing their community.

“Truly Friday, September 3rd, 2021 shall remain a historical moment in the Annals of Muslim history all times to come,” remarked Sheikh Mubaje. He traced his journey into Muslim leadership, which started shortly after completing his Islamic Theological Studies in Saudi Arabia in 1986. Sheikh Mubaje noted that he was appointed Imam Masjid Noor Mbale and went on to become the Kadhi of Bugisu Muslim District where he served for 10 years before he was elected Mufti of Uganda.

Sheikh Mubaje revealed that since his childhood he witnessed various wrangles within the Muslim Community, which prompted him to offer himself to serve under UMSC for the purpose of Unity and development. He said that over the last 20yrs UMSC has registered some physical developments, which have been dogged by lack of unity because of various interests.

He explained he opted for round table talks and pursued other avenues to establish cooperation with other faith groups, which saw UMSC join the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, African Religious Councils and World Council of Religions for Peace International.

On his part, Sheikh Kamulegeya, who led a delegation of prominent Sheikhs and elders described the event as great, saying Muslims have finally restored peace, unity and brotherhood. Sheikh Kamulegeya took the audience through the memorable 85 years of his life journey that saw him, witness, sharp wrangles and infighting among Muslims when he was only 10 years in the mid-1940s.

“We all agree that disunity has damaged our reputation and robbed us of all opportunities including lobbying national cake and political posts in the Government. So, I have resolved to come back for the sake of unity,” said Sheikh Kamulegeya amidst chants of Allah is the Greatest. He noted that like other Muslim Countries individuals are free to form private associations under the official Muslim leadership in our case UMSC.



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