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What they say about Mwondha standoff

By John Njoroge

Speaker of Parliament, Edward Ssekandi

‘The process of reappointing the IGG and the deputy is clearly outlined in the constitution. Article 223 (7) states that the IGG shall be appointed for a four-year term and is eligible for reappointment for only one more term. It clearly outlines that the processes of appointment and reappointment are the same. Hence her refusal to appear is an oversight on her part. She is a judge and should know better.’

(Why re-vet IGG, not ministers?)

‘Ministers are political appointees, not technical people. For someone like the IGG who has been in office and has been reappointed, her competences and work background must be assessed before she is given another chance at her job.

Elly Karuhanga (Kampala Associated Advocates

‘Justice Mwondha should follow the law. It is a new contract. She should be vetted a fresh. The president directed her to honour Parliament.’

Abdu Katuntu (MP, Bugweri)

‘Justice Mwondha seems to be uncomfortable working with Parliament. She seems to have also taken her disagreements with MPs like Peter Nyombi, Kahinda Otafiire and [Prime Minister] Apolo Nsibambi and dumped them onto the entire Parliament. That is why she has made regrettable utterances against Parliament. The Attorney General’s opinion was right. Once the four-year term is over, it means the beginning of a new contract and therefore reappointment should go through the same process as the first appointment.  Given Mwondha’s actions and accusations against MPs, it is unlikely that she will receive a fair hearing even if she finally appears before Parliament.

Bidandi Ssali (People’s Progressive Party)

‘I have a lot of admiration for Mwondha. The position she has taken, asking the president to take a decision is a brave one. She has been making her defence based on the law and facts. This is a constitutional issue and should be left to the interpreters of the constitution to decide.’

Peter Nyombi (MP, Buruli)

‘Mwondha should have respect for Parliament. As a judge, it should be clear to her that this is a new contract and as such the procedure must be followed.’

Stephen Tashobya (MP, Kajara and Chairman of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee

‘In light of the past relations between the IGG and the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, I would not want to comment on this issue. The Speaker is in a better position because he heads that committee. All I can say is that Mwondha has never had any kind words for us.’

Compiled by John Njoroge

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