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Salamu Musumba ready to reconcile with Kadaga

Salamu Musumba

Kamuli, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Forum for Democratic Change-FDC vice chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Salamu Musumba has expressed willingness to reconcile with her rival, the First Deputy Prime minister, Rebecca Kadaga as a means of promoting unity and development in Kamuli district and Busoga sub-region as a whole.

The two contested for the Kamuli district woman MP seat. However, Kadaga earned a decisive win after defeating Salamu with 92,388 against 26,851 votes. Salamu rejected the poll results and petition the High court citing voter intimidation, rigging and bribery by her rival, which denied her victory.

Her petition escalated the acrimonious relationship between the supporters of the rival camp in different parts of the sub-region. As a result, Salamu decided to drop the petition. While addressing journalists in her home in Namwendwa town council in Kamuli district on Sunday morning, Salamu argued that she withdrew the petition against Kadaga at the prompting of several elders from the Busoga sub-region indicating that decision would reduce conflicts between top leaders and their supporters alike.

Salamu argues that only peace will foster goodwill in the sub-region as most saboteurs have made it a habit to mudsling leaders for their selfish gains. She, however, argues that much as she is ready to promote peace with whoever might have been offended by her political path, it’s upon Kadaga to either agree to the same or ignore her call.

Joel Kafuko, one of the opinion leaders in Busoga sub-region says that both Kadaga and Salamu command a big political following within the sub-region. He says that their reconciliation will reduce fights amongst their supporters and sympathizers.

“Those two ladies are a force to reckon with in Busoga, because they have relentlessly managed to harness public support from the different parts of the sub-region throughout the course of their political careers.

Their political faceoff attracted endless fights within the different circles of their supporters and only peacebuilding amongst the two will create harmony,” he said.

Kadaga couldn’t be reached to comment on Salama’s gesture to reconcile with her. This is not the two archrivals will be reconciling after tiring polls.



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