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RWANDA: Walk to remember

Inspiring social causes

Gwamaka says the Walk to Remember event has inspired other similar initiatives, especially focusing on youth empowerment and national development; including Walk for Children to highlight the plight of children.

“It (walk to remember) has become a brand in its own right, the initiative has its “own life” and is now sustainable,”Gwamaka says.

That the event is wholly organised by young people is testament of what the government is doing to support youth as well as manifestation of the potential and the big role they play in fostering national cohesion, peace and reconciliation, he notes.

Daddy Niwejye, one of the six co-founders of Peace and Love Proclaimers, says that Walk to Remembershows that shared vision and unity are crucial to preventing the repeat of 1994 and mass atrocities.

“I walk to remember the past, as well as appreciate how far we have come as a nation, and pledge to strive for a better Rwanda,” he says.

Christian Ndagijimana participated in this year’s walk to remember. He says Walk to Remember brings hope to Rwandans.

“We’re the shield of our motherland; we’re here to proclaim peace, unity and love for a better Rwanda tomorrow,” he says.

According to Eric Mahoro, the head of the Never Again Rwanda, the Walk to Remember has created a platform to sensitise young people about the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, adding that before the people were killed, many would have walked long distances as they were running away from genocidaires.

100 days of  Walk to Remember

“Walk to Remember brings the whole country together…that image to me is of a unified country as peasants and leaders mingle without any hindrance; the young and the old come together to remember genocide victims, as well as support and show the survivors that they are not alone,” says Gwamaka.

He saysthe Walk to Rememberinitiative will be making 10 years in 2019. All previous national Walk to Remember events have been held in Kigali. But to mark the milestone, Peace and Love Proclaimers and stakeholders will hold Walk to Remember events countrywide throughout the 100 days commemoration period. The idea is to use the planned 100 days of Walk to Remember events for next year to reinforce efforts to promote unity and reconciliation at the grassroots level.

“This is big for us and is a reward for all the trust of government and President Kagame in supporting this cause,” he says.

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