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`Russia’s most advanced robot’ turns out to be man

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | When Russia’s annual “PROJECT” scientific forum in the city of Yaroslavl opened, the audience got to see Boris, a highly-advanced robot that major news channel Russia24 called “the country’s most modern robot”.

Boris can reportedly walk and talk, do mathematical calculations and even dance, feats he demonstrated on the stage of the “PROJECT” forum, on December 11.

The audience, made up primarily of young students, was blown away by the Russian robot’s advanced capabilities, as were several news outlets, including Russia24.

However people began asking questions as Boris appeared not to have’ sensors and speakers like other robots, and its movement did not appear to be robotic.

He was also too bulky, as if a person could easily fit inside it. Boris was unmasked as a man in a commercially available robot suit called the “Alesha Robot Costume”. News outlets like Russia24 apologised for blundering and removed the video news segment from its YouTube channel, but the media outlet has yet to offer any explanation for the blunder.


  1. Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

    Why all the bother – only to prove how fake one is?

  2. Good and developmental news

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