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Riham picks 30 prize winners, celebrates Women’s Day in style

Celebrating diversity: Workers at Riham at a product planning meeting

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | As the world celebrated Women’s Day March 8, Hariss International (RIHAM) continued promoting programmes that show they are an organization that upholds diversity and does not define staff and customers by their differences.

Riham last week celebrated, with all their female employees, their vital role in the attainment of Company objectives and challenging the status quo. The company then capped the celebrations by offering prizes to 30 customers who wrote into their social media channels, nominating ‘An exceptional Woman in your life who has challenged the status Quo’.

“Our Staff emanate from various family backgrounds, education, religion, physical and mental abilities. Their differences generate various points of view that contribute to creativity and innovation,” Riham said in a statement.

“At Hariss International, we believe in embracing the diversity of skills, valuing each member of our teams, and providing inclusive leadership to support employees reach their full potential. This is done through our fair recruitment process and enforcing uniform compliance policies.”

They promised that, “We are committed to our diverse consumer base; and as such, are committed to being consciously inclusive in all our areas of operations and depicting transparency and accountability in the way our customers are handled.”

“At RIHAM we celebrate women not just today but every day. We join the rest of the world to Challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world among women. Happy New Month.”

Riham is a Ugandan Household brand known for its assortment of products that range from Biscuits, Carbonated soft drinks, Juices, and Natural Mineral Water.

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