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PSFU blames Gov’t for not Implementing their proposals

Moses Ogwal, the Director Policy advocacy Private Sector Foundation

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has accused government of failing to implement proposals they present during budgeting process.

Speaking at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperative annual sector review, Moses Ogwal, the director policy advocacy at Private Sector Foundation said government usually accepts above 75 percent of proposals that they make but when it comes to implementation, none of them is implemented.

He said PSFU has been presenting proposals intended to improve the business environment, improve productivity, create wealth, accelerate employment creation and improve peoples’ income. These, Ogwal said would increase purchasing power hence expanding markets for locally manufactured products.

Ogwal argued that government has not succeeded in increasing citizens’ purchasing power that would act as an impetus for supporting Uganda’s industrialisation.

“We know that government objective is to increase peoples’ income. In the recent year private sector has been asking Private Sector Foundation to ensure that citizens and government are able to substantially buy their products,” said Ogwal.

He said government has enough resources to bolster economic transformation. For instance, Ogwal said if government used available resources efficiently, it would eradicate poverty, create jobs and consequently raise people incomes.

The main impediment, Ogwal noted, is because government, private sector and development partners work in “silos” meaning that they are not linked up.

On fighting poverty, Ogwal said government should go beyond multi-sectorial approach and adopt geographical approach. “This is where you group an area and say we are going to fight poverty here. You have to bring all the artilleries in that areas so that you fight poverty,” he said.

Private sector foundation is Uganda’s apex body for the private sector players. It is made up of over 200 business associations, corporate bodies and the major public sector agencies that support private sector growth.



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