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Protests break out in London as Erdogan meets Queen, May

“Under the state of emergency, people do not have full access to independent information, so you now have an electorate that will be going to the polls again after quite a short campaign period without having the full picture.”

“In light of that, for President Erdogan to be welcomed — given the red carpet — here in Britain is shameful.”

The demonstrators were later joined by a larger group protesting Erdogan’s treatment of the Kurds — as well as a handful of counter-protesters chanting in support of the president.

The pro-Kurdish campaigners held up placards with images of Erdogan and the word “Terrorist” across his face, as well as a flag bearing a picture of Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The early election is set to accelerate Turkey’s transition to a new presidential system approved in a referendum last year.

Critics fear the new full executive powers afforded to the president will lead to one-man rule.

Meanwhile a state of emergency remains in place in Turkey, 22 months after a failed 2016 coup.

Erdogan has already stoked controversy on the trip by meeting Germany international footballers Mesut Ozil of Arsenal and Ilkay Gundogan of Manchester City.

Turkey’s football chief on Tuesday condemned as “slanderous” and “unacceptable” German criticism of the meeting, with Berlin’s football association head Reinhard Grindel saying the pair had been “manipulated”.

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