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Police urges urban authorities to make CCTVs compulsory in homes

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | In a bid to deal with terrorism, business and house break-ins, the Uganda Police Force has appealed to the public to install security gadgets such as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, tracking devices and alarm bells.

Maj Gen Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime, the deputy Inspector General of Police says urban authorities need to make it a requirement for a very building to have security systems like CCTVs in place. Tumusiime’s call comes at a time when the country is facing terrorism threats like attacks on fuel stations, supermarkets and homes.

“If you own premises, ensure that you have one or two cameras to help you, first of all, identify your neighbourhood and monitor your neighbourhood; at the same time, you help us to track the criminals,” says Gen Tumusiime. “We appeal to the local authorities to put it as a requirement that if you have put up a house be it private or public, you need to factor in the need for cameras.”

Paul Ssenoga, an IT expert and director Sky Worth Vehicle Trackers says the CCTV cameras one can have at home and serve the intended purpose costs 1.5million Shillings including installation costs. These, according to Ssenoga, are a set of four cameras and are fit for medium-size premises but the specifications also depend on the surrounding environment.

“The CCTV cameras also help you track whatever is happening at your home or business using your mobile phone, your TV screen, your laptop or office computer, you can also install automated alarm systems that go off once they detect unusual movements in the wee hours of the night and these cost at least 500,000 Shillings and above,” Ssenoga explains.

Anji Reddy Bhavanam, the Project Manager Mercury Computers Limited, says one can install a two-way rotational camera which costs Shillings 280,000 without installation charges. This type of CCTV camera can be turned to face the side where people come from or it can be turned to look into the house especially if you want to always monitor what happens in your absence.

“There four channel cameras kit costs Shs950,000 and it can be connected to a TV screen, internet on mobile phone so that you can have live feed from your home or office wherever you are,” Bhavanam says. “Another type is eight channel camera kit which costs 1,350,000 without installation. All these have no maintenance costs unless the cables are cut.”

The door access control system manages entrance and exit by pressing buttons.

Ssenoga explains that people need to know that the most targeted items in homes are flat screens, cars and motorcycles. Installing a tracking chip in a TV screen costs Shs250,000 but it can help you track all your items in case of a house break-in. Ssenoga says people need to value the worth of their gadgets and property such as cars, flat screens, phones and laptops by installing trackers which range from 250,000 to 400,000 Shillings.



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