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Police motorcycle intercepted transporting stolen bull

FILE PHOTO: Police bikes

Oyam, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Security forces have successfully intercepted and impounded a police motorcycle that was being used to transport a stolen animal in Oyam district. The police motorcycle, registration number UP 1903, was impounded at England Village in Minakulu sub-county, following an alert raised by vigilant locals who observed two unidentified individuals carrying a bull on the motorcycle.

According to William Komakech, the Oyam Resident District Commissioner (RDC), the two culprits abandoned the bull and attempted to evade capture, eventually abandoning the motorcycle due to the mounting pressure from the community.

Komakech revealed that several police motorcycles have been previously impounded under similar circumstances, highlighting the need for an investigation into the unauthorized access to police property by criminals.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson, confirmed ongoing investigations into the involvement of a police motorcycle in such criminal activities.

“Am hearing for the first time from you but we conducted an operation and many motorcycles were recovered including one for the police, yes, but it’s involvement in animal theft am hearing for the first time but investigations are ongoing,” he said.

Following the interception, law enforcement initiated a search operation at Obangangeo village, focusing on the residence of a notorious motorcycle thief identified as Ayo Ambrose. Ayo was recently apprehended in Arua City, and during the operation, security forces recovered a total of 28 motorcycles, including another one belonging to the police.

Komakech shed light on Ayo’s extensive network of accomplices, which has hindered previous arrest attempts by the police.

The news of Ayo’s arrest has elicited mixed reactions from the local boda-boda riders in Oyam, with some advocating for his prosecution, while others demand that he compensates all the victims whose motorcycles he had stolen over the years.

Bernard Erach, a driver residing in Oyam, shared his personal account of Ayo and his gang’s criminal activities. Erach recounted an incident where Ayo’s team assaulted his son with an iron bar on Christmas day, subsequently seizing the motorcycle that his son had obtained through a loan from WATU.

After tracking the stolen motorcycle, the tracking device was discovered inside Ayo’s residence, following which Erach was coerced into paying 900,000 Shillings for the return of the bike.   Moreover, Erach incurred an additional expense of 580,000 shillings for his son’s treatment at a private clinic in Lira City.

The motorcycle was ultimately found parked in front of a Catholic chapel near Ayo’s residence.

In response to these troubling incidents, the RDC emphasized the importance of increased vigilance among farmers, particularly during this period when cases of animal theft are on the rise. The local community is urged to cooperate with the authorities in reporting suspicious activities to help combat such criminal behavior effectively.



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