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Police accused of frustrating eviction of pastoralists

Amuru, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Amuru district leaders are accusing the police of frustrating the eviction of pastoralists from the district.

Last year, President Museveni directed the eviction of the herdsmen and so far, thousands of cattle with their owners have already been flashed out of the district.

However, Kenneth Okot, the chairman of Atiak sub county says that leaders are struggling to carry on with the exercise because they are being frustrated by the police officers taking part in the exercise.

Okot cited that over 600 cattle abandoned by the Balalo and being kept in Okidi and Kololo parishes as well as Opara sub county holding centers in Amuru district last week disappeared mysteriously. According to Okot, the cattle were under the watch of the police officers in charge of the exercise.

Okot revealed that it is the third time that hundreds of cattle at the holding centers are disappearing and their whereabouts unknown.

George Ocan, the Opara sub county chairman in Amuru district revealed that on Tuesday during the full council meeting, Amuru District Council constituted a committee of inquiry consisting of five councilors to audit the entire eviction exercise.

According to Ocan, the committee will report its findings to the district council before the appropriate step is taken.

David Mudong Ongom, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson however denied the allegations saying the exercise is being executed by a committee comprising of different participants. He adds that it is impossible for the members of the committee to work in isolation and sabotage the exercise.

According to Mudong, those who are complaining about the police are the actual people sabotaging the exercise and want to cover up their wrongdoings.



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