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Pearl Dairy excites needy children

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, the producers of LATO Milk and the initiators of the LATO Help initiative last month brought together its beneficiaries and their parents at a Christmas party held at Lohana Academy in Kampala.

The “Lato Help initiative” is  under the company’s corporate social responsibility function. It offers corrective surgeries to children that suffer from congenital diseases. These diseases or physical abnormalities are presented from birth among some children.

The diseases are not easily detected in the first one or two years among children in most cases but when detected, they can readily be minimized or addressed in later stages through corrective surgery.

Experts say that some of these conditions include; cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, polio, accidents, severe malaria and more. Apart from some of the parents who can afford the surgery, majority cannot afford the operation and treatment.  Pearl Diary, decided to create awareness and provide whatever help they can in regard to this.

The Company created a Lato milk Pouch with a distinct red colour dubbed ‘Lato Red Pack ’ under the initiative  to specifically help provide opportunities to these under privileged children to access these corrective surgeries for the children.

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