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Otunnu is not in hiding- Bbosa

By Aloysious Kasoma

Uganda People’s Congress has said that the silence of the president Olara Otunnu is not because he is hiding or out of party activities but he is in Sierra Leon on international duties.

The Vice President Prof. Lutalo Bbosa explained this in a discussion with journalists at their offices in Kampala on Wednesday that the rumors going around that Otunnu could be hiding are false.

“He is around, well and planning for the party but the media has ignored reporting his messages at public functions” he explained.

Bbosa said that Otunnu went to Sierra Leon as the head of Common Wealth to observe elections and he will be in Uganda in 7 days to address the nation.

He also refuted claims that UPC is in marriage with the ruling party NRM and he vowed that they will never be compromised.

Bbosa also told the public that Uganda has never been corrupt like it is today explaining that it is not because of the lack of the law but the will by the government to fight corruption.

“Uganda is awash with anti corruption laws and institutions but the government has no will to bring to book those who are corrupt in a meaningful way” he said.

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