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Nebanda’s Lover Arrested

By Sarah Namulondo

Police has this morning arrested Adam Kalungi the said lover of the late Hon. Nebanda after he was arrested and deported to Uganda by the Kenyan police.

Kalungi who was reported to have been one of the last people with the deceased before her fateful death on Dec 14 fled the country after medical people at Mukwaya clinic announced her dead.

Although the post mortem report showed the cause of death to be cocaine and heroin, Kalungi is still a key suspect in the death of Nebanda Judith Nabakooba said.

She said that Kalungi was arrested was arrested in Mombasa where he has been hiding and was handed over to the Ugandan police by the Kenyan authorities.

In addition to this, Police has established that Kalungi aka Luli is in fact a member of a Narcotic drug syndicate operating in a number of countries like Uganda, Pakistan, and South Sudan.

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