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NARO improves micro garden systems for farming in small spaces

Maria Goretti Naiga explaining about the verticle garden

Mukono, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |   Researchers at the National Forestry Resources Research Institute-NaFRRI under the National Agricultural Research Organization-NARO have improved the micro garden system to support farming in urban areas.

The researchers have now designed a vertical garden made out of wood, forming a rectangle with a number of staircases. Each staircase is designed with 12 holes to support planting of vegetables. In the middle of it, is designed a decomposing chamber to generate organic fertilizers. 

Maria Goretti Naiga one of the researchers notes that the system is intended to help urban dwellers carrying farming in limited space.

She explains that the vertical garden is portable in case one intends to shift from one place to another.

NARO Research Director Barbra Zawedde says that the garden will accommodate mostly vegetables and Irish potatoes. She says it has been piloted in Buganda regional and soon shall be introduced to other parts of the country. 

Hillary Agaba the Executive Director NaFFRI says as the institute they are coming up with new seeds to ensure that those that are not disease resistant are not brought back on the market. 

“Covid 19 has not spared research, laboratory based work as we had to allow minimum staff to come and work which has stalled the research,” he said. “However, we have been able to work with ICT to do what is possible.”




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