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Nabilatuk LC1 chairperson arrested for campaigning against Covid-19 vaccines

Nabilatuk, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The LC1 chairperson of Lokwamuri village, Lorengedwat sub county in Nabilatuk district has been arrested for campaigning against Covid-19 vaccines.

He was allegedly telling the community not to accept the vaccines, claiming they cause infertility among men and women.

Angello Albino is also accused of telling residents to stop wearing masks claiming Covid-19 is a hoax, and people not to follow the SOPs set by the ministry of health.

Its alleged that Albino incited the youth against the health workers at Lorengedwat health centre III where the front line workers were receiving jabs against Covid-19 yesterday. He ganged up youths and men to stop the vaccination exercise which was on going at the health facility.

His propaganda was immediately countered by the Nabilatuk Resident District Commissioner, Milton Odongo who was chairing a peace meeting at the same sub county headquarters. Odongo ordered for an immediate arrest of Albino who is now held at Nabilatuk central police station.

The RDC says Albino will be charged with sabotaging government programs and promoting the spread of a dangerous disease.

The LC III chairperson of Lorengedwat, Emmanuel Longes Lorika said the LC chairperson stood up during a peace meeting chaired by the RDC to say he would never accept the Covid-19 vaccine, claiming publicly that it makes men infertile.

Lorika who is the chairperson of the sub county taskforce notes that the remarks by Albino were unfounded and not scientifically proven saying he has himself received a jab and has not experienced any negative effects.

In Karamoja, the rural community has largely been negative about the COVID-19 vaccine due to negative influence.



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