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Museveni tips Karamoja on farming

President Museveni has advised the people of Karamoja to grow fast maturing crops such as beans millet sorghum to fight hunger in the sub region. Mr. Museveni was speaking to a delegation of MPs from Karamoja in a meeting held at State House, Entebbe last week. The group was led by Lokeris Samson, MP for Dodoth East Constituency, and also included officials from various ministries. Museveni observed that the cultivation of long-term crops that take over three months to mature will not be suitable for the sub region. He said Karimojong should grow citrus fruits, mangoes, grapes, coffee and tea to combat food insecurity.


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  1. I think if indeed the VP Kazibwe dams ever existed, solar powered irrigation pumps and infrastructure would enable Agricultural growth in the whole country and we would never mind about drought or no drought. After all people in Egypt thrive on irrigation for all the food they grow. Some of those neighbourhoods didn’t not want peaceful Uganda, so that they could reign over power and less developed Uganda. The movement there moved them from that initial ideology that had been blessed by imperialists. Those are hidden benefits to Uganda by M7.

  2. Most times good things come quiet late, i do not know whether it is an oversight or not, however previous wasted opportunities would have cattered for the “now issue”

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