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Museveni, Sseggona collide at Entebbe highway ceremony

By Aloysious Kasoma

President Yoweri Museveni and Busiro East MP Medard Sseggona run into each other during the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of Entebbe Highway on Wednesday.

Sseggona the area Member of Parliament was invited to deliver his speech and used the opportunity to remind the president about land, federo and the Kabaka’s land taxes.

“Let me use this opportunity your Excellency to remind you about Ebyaffe which were taken by the central government. You managed to return some of them to the Kabaka and we also want the rest.” He said in Luganda.

He went ahead and challenged the president that he always said that development is sabotaged by the opposition and he was privileged to be the area MP during the construction of the high profile highway. Sseggona reminded the president about the piped water in Nsangi and Wakiso Town Council.

However this did not go well to the president and he reminded the legislator that he cannot be lectured about the Kabaka.

“Sseggona is coming here to lecture me about the Kabaka, no one can teach me I know the Kabaka and the way I met him, I don’t need to be lectured.” He said in Luganda

Museveni who was furious said that he wouldn’t care whether Sseggona was around or not because he would still come and warned that such things aim at diverting people to think along tribal lines.

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