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MUSEVENI: Private cars, shops can resume next week

Kampala’s Old Taxi Park.  Lock-down on public transport will only be eased after work on rebuilding it is nearly complete. FILE PHOTO KCCA MEDIA

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has clarified on his earlier guidelines regarding how to lift Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

On Monday, May, 18, 2020, the president left the country confused as many people did not understand his directives.

For example he allowed shops that sell nonfood items and private cars to resume operations but did not say whether they should also wait for the distribution of government face masks like public vehicles.

He also said that everybody from the age of six years should put on a face mask but did not say whether all these masks should be government provided or people are free to buy their own masks.

However speaking this evening at the State House Nakasero, Museveni said all those entities allowed to resume operations should do so after one week for hotels, restaurant, shops and private cars, and two weeks for public vehicles.

“For the other measures…let them start on May 26 so that we use this one week to prepare. The big measure of safety is putting on the mask, let us use this one week to explain this,” said Museveni.  He added that those who can get masks for themselves are free to do so provided they are of the right quality certified by the Ministry of Health. “The mask should be put on all the time when you are in public,” said Museveni.

For public transport, Museveni said it should open only in 95 districts excluding those at the borders, on June 4. Kampala’s Old Taxi Park is currently being rebuilt.

“In border districts we shall not allow private or public transport because you are on the frontline. You can help or destroy us. You cannot protect us when there is this confusion of vehicles. They will not be allowed until we see how things work here in the center,” added Museveni.

He added that this time should be used by the Prime Minister, who is the head of the National Taskforce to discuss with transporters on how the sector is going to run before it’s opened up.

For education institutions whose finalists, P7, S4 and S6 students and those in their final years in Universities and tertiary institutions will be allowed to resume school, Museveni said, the ministry of education is to use these two weeks to agree on a plan that will be followed.

“When it comes to children in border districts, if they are local, they will walk to the school but if there are those who may be going to other areas, the ministry will work out a plan to move from the border districts,” said Museveni.

Today’s address which took slightly an hour has been Museveni’s shortest of his 15 speeches to the country during this time.




  1. I am so confused as to what or when l can get to the supermarket with a taxi. I am 76 years of age and at present walk 2kilometers to carrefour put my goods on a bodboda then walk back mostly uphill. All l need is help for myself to get to the shop, do my weekly shop and have my goods and myself transported back to my house on Akibua road.

    • Okello Francis abon

      You choose between food that you said you can carry it on boda and upheaval that bare it.

      • What a load of bullocks😳. Your reply to that gentleman requesting for a sense of humanity or common logic kindness, is so rediculously soulless with no ounce of human decency and complete absence of compassion. Its so pathetic that this community finally lost its last thread of compassion and original thinking. I will subdue myself for now from ranting on, nevertheless in the future you will do wise for humanity if not for your immediate family to express less sensitivity and more compassion, and if you find that you lack in compassion then shutthefuckup and share nothing until otherwise. Our people today need more compassion and understanding more than ever as a realty of existence and not a filter of words mingled with prejudice, ignorance and sheer insensitivity to suffering. Enough said, l still love you the same.

    • Happy to help u, Jeff. Will deliver your stuff for free. Call me on 0759-255227

  2. Thank you Mr. President. The lockdown has helped us alot We are a safe country as provided for by the Almihty God. It has come to pass. This was my vision shortly after the coronavirus was identified in Uganda. I saw a vision .it led me from Nakasero Market down to the old taxi park. There I found Jesus Christ standing I high level stool busy in sparkling garments. While I was busy talking to my audience beloved to be listing to the word of God, Jeusbazked me to go and call the president of Uganda to come. I hesitated but I say Holy Spirit asking the President who was found sitted I a Johnsons chair dressed as he is these days. The Holy Spirit talked to him and he immediately stood up and I saw him walk alone up to the old taxi park. Jesus asked him to invite all world leaders to come within 3 days. I wondered how they would fit at the old taxi park but the holy spirit told me that they have the holy parking shortly after I saw a helicopter in the air bringing the world leaders. Then Jesus told Predient Museni to tel world leaders to follow Gods call. Then Jesusvtold these world leaders thet they should go back and organise their people and that they should observe Gids command to stay in doors until Gods anger cools down. Then later I saw the president walk alone back to Nakasero. I ask the Holy spirit if we are safe in Uganda. Jesus answered we are a God protected nation which every other country would learn from. Yes our National Motto and National Anthem speak for themselves. Thank you Mr. President because you responded to Jesus command. Had you to refuse or argue with God to come and invite other world leader to co.e to the old taxibparl, possibly Jesusbwould have taken different decision. We are a protected country and God is with us always. GOD BLESS EVEYONE in Jesus Almihty Name. Amen. Richard Gudoi Gid’Agui President at Professional Auditors Institute-PAI.

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