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Museveni hails Ambassador to be Kyabazinga Gabula

Museveni (right) greets the Kyabazinga.

President Yoweri Museveni has defended his recent nomination of Busoga’s king as an ambassador in his office.

“I have seen some people criticize my recent decision to name Kyabazinga William Gabula a Special Ambassador in the Office of the President. As someone who was involved in restoration of kingdoms, I know the laws governing them. I know where a cultural leader can contribute to Uganda without interfering with the law,” he said

“The Kyabazinga is youthful, he recently acquired useful education from abroad. He can contribute to national development and I see no merit in denying him that opportunity,” Museveni said at the 78th Kyabazinga Day in Namutumba District on Saturday.

The day is reserved to celebrate the decision by the 11 Busoga chiefdoms to unite and be governed by the Kyabazinga.

“I salute the Busoga chiefs who 78 years ago saw the wisdom in uniting. No doubt unity is strength. I urge Basoga to remain united for development and transformation.”

Museveni, the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, MRM SG Lumumba together with Busoga kingdom officials

“I heard the critics say royals don’t work. That is not the case,” Museveni said .

He then narrated the history Peter The Great, showing how royals  and monarchs can play a part in the the transformation of nations.

“One example is King Peter the Great who is considered the father of Russia’s transformation. At a time when Eastern Europe was lagging behind in development as opposed to Western Europe, King Peter the Great led a team of 250 royals to go work in Holland and to learn skills especially in ship-making,” he said.

Museveni said the skills became the backbone of Russian development and defence, helping them fight off Swedish and Turkish aggression.



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  1. Surely the president knows the law. Unless he is suggesting that the Basoga should abandon a young Kyabaziga and they go for an elderly one so that he may use the present one for Govt duties.

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