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Museveni should explain the army take over- UPC

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Uganda People’s Congress wants the parliament to summon the president and the defense Minister over the take over allegations.

Prof. Lutalo Bbosa the UPC Vice President said during the weekly press meeting on Wednesday in Kampala that it is outrageous and treasonable for the president to say that the army may over throw the government.

“We therefore call upon the parliamentary committee on defense to summon the president and the minister for defense to explain what they know about the possibility of the army violation of the constitution by taking over the government” Bbosa said.

Bbosa described this as politics of fear and explained that the constitution article 209 and 210 does not give the army power to take over the government.

He said that Museveni has repeatedly blamed the eras of army coups and yet he is widely reported to have disclosed that the army may take over the government if the confusion in parliament persists.

Museveni is on record for discouraging coups and was quoted saying that using a gun is a backward method of taking over power.

Museveni grabbed power from Gen Tito Okello Lutwa in 1986 using the barrel of the gun and according to him that was necessary.

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