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MP Shartsi Musherure hails Bill and Melinda Gates for supporting Sembabule livestock sector


MP Musherure at the stakeholders meeting Friday

Sembabule, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Member of Parliament of Mawogola North, Sembabule District Shartsi K Musherure, has hailed Global Affairs together with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for supporting the livestock sector in Uganda.

The MP on Friday attended a Shevax+ and stakeholder engagement meeting at at Rainbow Motel for all critical partners in animal health promotion services, women empowerment and gender support initiatives in Sembabule District.

Tufts OCHEA/AFROHUN /Makerere University LVIF Shevax+ have been conducting an action research in Sembabule working within the animal health and vaccines, gender, and veterinary sectors.

Participants in the stakeholders meeting (top and bottom) included Dr Nabadda Sitenda Vice-president UVA, Dr Kawooya Emmanuel – Former DPO Sembabule, Dr Elizabeth Kyewalabye a retired vet, Prof.Hellen Amugun  of Tufts university and Prof Anthony Mugisha COVAB Makerere University

Farmers, female Vaccinators, Vets,CDOs, Local leaders and funders after the stakeholders meet

The project that ends this year after running for four years, has seen women and men poultry and goat farmers trained in different poultry and goat husbandry practices, specifically on vaccination and gender aspects. Female paravets and community animal health workers were trained and equipped with cold chain equipment and other drugs.

“Special appreciation to Global Affairs, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation among other development partners supporting the livestock sector in Uganda,”MP Musherure  said.

The stakeholders meeting, was used to share preliminary research findings that will help support the development of affordable livestock vaccines, targeting diseases that impact women and men livestock keepers, and facilitate their access and use at large scale”

The Shevax+ project was intended to hear women voices, action, research to support women’s agency and empowerment in livestock vaccine and distribution. The project also address the barriers faced by women in livestock vaccine systems and generate new evidence on how they can better benefit and participate in these systems.

UVA VP Dr Sitenda

“Shevax+ has been in Sembabule and we can see the results, but we would wish to have Shevax activities extended to the rest of the country,” said Prof Anthony Mugisha of COVAB Makerere University.

Dr Nabadda Sitenda, Vice-president Uganda Veterinary Association, thanked Makerere university and AFROHUN/Tufts and other partners for their efforts towards towards disease control and livestock development.

On Monday March 6, the same experts and others working in the animal health, vaccines and gender sectors in Ugnada gather in Kampala for the National stakeholders meeting at Golden Tulip. The chairperson of the Agriculture Committee of parliament Janet Akech will be chief guest.


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