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Mbale city chokes on uncollected garbage, stench


Mbale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Garbage has piled up on various streets in Mbale town, a month after it was elevated to a city status. The garbage is littered everywhere especially at Mbale central market, North Road and Kumi road among other places.

The garbage has caused a heavy stench in the town drawing protests from traders. Both residents and business community have complained about the irregular collection and disposal of garbage. 

They say for over three months, the city authorities have not collected garbage from the central business district. Gorge Musoke, a trader along Kumi road, says it’s now a month since the garbage started piling on the street.

He wonders why the authorities have failed to clear the garbage despite charging them Shillings 5,000 monthly as garbage collection fees.

Stephen Mudomo, a butcher along Kumi road says the stench and flies from the garbage have chased away his customer.      

Ayubu Madoi, the Chairperson Mbale Central Market faults the City council for failing to collect the garbage from the market.

Martine Busiku, the Northern City Division Town clerk attributes the delayed removal of the garbage to lack of space at the dumping site in Dokho in Industrial city Division, which he says is full to capacity.

He however, says they are doing all they can to ensure that the garbage is spread to create more space at the dumping site. 

Sezzi Mafabi, the Northern City Division Acting mayor has called for calm from business people and residents, saying the garbage problems will be solved this week.

Kenneth Khatuli Woniaye, the Mbale City Deputy Town Clerk, says their garbage collection trucks broke down, which has impacted heavily on waste management.



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