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Mbabazi, Suruma face political end

By The Independent Team

When embattled Security Minister and NRM secretary general John Patrick Amama Mbabazi gave his first media interview amid allegations of misconduct in the Shs 11 billion NSSF-Temangalo land deal involving himself and business partner Amos Nzeyi, the minister warned his detractors [read political vultures] that their attempts to bring him down politically would come to naught.

‘Well, I think a concerted effort has been made to make me look bad. A ferocious attempt has been made but you see when you are hitting a rock, especially if you are hitting it with weak weapons, it’s the weapons that break and the rock remains intact. So I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this thing is not going to taint my image in any way,’ Mbabazi said while appearing in an interview on Nation TV on September 4.

Two months later, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the political vultures that he referred to then might, in the end, have the last laugh after Parliament’s committee on Commissions, Statutory Bodies and State Enterprises Two week ago handed Speaker Edward Ssekandi the much-awaited report.

The report signed by 14 MPs on the 20-member committee has recommended disciplinary action against ministers Mbabazi and Suruma for influence peddling and conflict of interest in the Temagalo deal. Similar action has been recommended against NSSF Managing Director David Chandi Jamwa, the board and senior management for flouting the public procurement laws and failure to protect the interests of workers who save with the fund.

So is it fait accompli for Mbabazi and Suruma?

According to a survey of 180 MPs conducted by The Independent to establish the likely position they would take when the anticipated motion of censure against Mababzi and Finance Minister Ezra Suruma finally comes to the floor of Parliament, more than half (63% or 113) have already made up their mind to vote for censure while 17% (31) are still undecided, 6% (10) will abstain and only 14% (26) indicate that they will oppose the censure motion.

The Independent was unable to reach the remaining 153 of the 333 MPs between October 22 and 25 when the survey was conducted. It is worth noting though, that of 153 legislators that we did not speak to, 13 are ex-officio and therefore will not vote anyway, and one constituency, Kyadondo North, has no representation having recently lost its MP Kibirige Sebunya. Also, two MPs ‘“ Jim Muhwezi and Kahinda Otafiire ‘“ whom we did not speak to have publicly spoken against Mbabazi and would therefore most likely support his censure. Therefore if the remaining 137 voting MPs were equally distributed to the four positions (i.e for censure, against censure, undecided, abstain), Mbabazi could still have a fighting chance as those supporting censure would come to 148 MPs, 13 short of the simple majority required for censure.

But first, at least one third of all voting MPs would have to sign a petition calling for censure and unfortunately for Mbabazi, his opponents can already raise that number.

For many political observers, this scenario is not at all surprising. In the last eight weeks as the parliamentary committee conducted its investigation in the Temangalo deal, sharp divisions emerged within the ruling party pitting the ‘˜historical’ bush-war members of NRM/A against each other ‘“ both in the party and in the cabinet.

With more than half the party against him, it was always going to be a difficult situation for Mbabazi who has continuously projected himself as clean but is perceived as arrogant and highhanded by his colleagues in the NRM. Not even President Yoweri Museveni’s ambivalence and oft mixed signals on the matter could change the tide.

Now the time of reckoning has come. In the next weeks at MPs go through the motions of censure, Mbabazi is going to try to put up one last fight by trying to convince NRM members to ‘save the party’ even when they do not like him. But so will his opponents. With most of the opposition and independent MPs already decided against him, and many NRM MPs following suit, only a political miracle will save the two ministers. In the next pages, we publish a list of MPs and where they stand, and some of the reasons for this position.

Where they stand on Mbabazi, Suruma censure

MPS for Censure

Aadroa Onzima Alex (FDC, Maracha)

Acen Rhoda (FDC, Amuria woman)

Achila Margaret (NRM, Kotido Women)

Aciro Concy  (INDEP, Amuru Women)

Adong Omwony F.  (NRM, Labwor County)

Akbar Hussein Godi (FDC,Arua Municipality)

Akena James (UPC, Lira Municipality)

Akena Jimmy (UPC, Lira Municipality)

Alaso Alice Asianut (FDC, Soroti Women)

Amongi Betty Ongom  (INDEP, Apac Women)

Amuge Rebecca Otengo  (INDEP, Lira Women)

Amuriat Oboi Patrick  (FDC, Kumi County)

Angiro Gutomoi Charles  (INDEP, Erute North)

Angufiru Margaret (INDEP, Ayivu County)

Anokbonggo Willy (UPC,  Kwania County)

Aol Betty Ocan  (FDC, Gulu Women)

Apilinga Moses Tako  (UPC, West Moyo)

Arapkissa Yekko John  (INDEP, Kween County)

Atim Beatrice (FDC, Kitgum Women)

Atim Ogwal Cecilia  (INDEP, Dokolo Women)

Bako Christine Abia  (FDC, Arua Women)

Balikudembe Mutebi Joseph (DP, Busiiro South)

Balyejjusa Julius  (NRM, PWD)

Banyenzaki Henry  (NRM, Rubanda West)

Barumba Beatrice Rusaniya  (INDEP, Kiruhura Women)

Baryomunsi Chris (NRM, Kinkiizi County)

Bayigga Lulume Micheal  (DP, Buikwe South)

Bihande Bwambale Yokasi  (FDC, Bukonjo East)

Buturo Nsaba (NRM, Bufumbira County East)

Byenkya Nyakaisiki Beatrice  (NRM, Hoima Women)

Ebong David  (INDEP, Maruzi County)

Ekanya Geoffrey (FDC, Tororo County)

Ekemu Charles Willy (FDC, Soroti Municipality)

Ekwau Ibi Florence  (FDC, Kaberamaido Women)

Emigu Julius Peter  (FDC,  Kaberamaido County)

Epetait Francis  (FDC,  Ngora County)

Euku Simon Ross  (UPC, Kalaki County)

Fungaroo Kaps Hassan  (FDC, Obongi County)

Gudoi Yahaya  (NRM, Bungokho North)

Iriama Rose (INDEP, Nakapiripirit Women)

Kabanda Sabano Pherry  (NRM, Budaka Women)

Kabuusu Moses (INDEP, Kyamuswa County)

Kaddumukasa Ssozi (INDEP,  Mityana South)

Kajeke Wilfred (FDC, Mbale Municipality)

Kamya Beti Olive (FDC, Rubaga North)

Kasigwa Harry (FDC, Jinja Municipality West)

Katuntu Abdu (FDC, Bugweri County)

Kawanga John Baptist  (DP, Masaka Municipality)

Kazibwe Musisi Tom  (NRM, Ntenjeru South)

Kibanzanga Christopher M. (FDC,  Busongora South)

Kiiza Winifred  (FDC, Kasese Women)

Kikungwe Issa (DP, Kyadondo South)

Kiyonga Francis Adamson  (INDEP, Upe County)

Kyanjo Hussein (JEEMA, Makindye West)

Lubyayi Iddi Kisiki  (INDEP, Bukomansimbi County)

Lukwago Erias (DP, Kampala Central)

Lukwago Rebbecca Nalwaga  (INDEP,  Luwero Women)

Mabikke Michael ( INDEP, Makindye East)

Magulumaali Mugumya Erasmus  (INDEP, Kooki County)

Malinga Johnson (INDEP, Kapelebyong County)

Mallinga Stephen Oscar  (NRM, Butebo County)

Muhwezi Katugugu Jim (NRM, Rujumbura County)

Mukisa Fred (NRM, Bukooli County Central)

Mutuluuza Peter Claver (NRM, Mawokota County North)

Mwebaza Sarah (NRM, Samia-Bugwe County North)

Mwesigwa Rukutana (NRM, Rushenyi County)

Nalule Safia Juuko (NRM PWD)

Namara Grace (INDEP, Lyantonde Woman)

Nampijja Susan (CP, Rubaga South)

Nandala Mafabi Nathan (FDC, Budadiri County West)

Njuba Samuel (FDC, Kyandondo County East)

Nyanzi Vincent Makumbi  (INDEP, Busujju County)

Nyeko Ocula Michael (FDC, Kilak County)

Nyombi Nansubuga Sarah (NRM, Ntenjeru North)

Obua Denis (NRM, Youth)

Obura Grace (NRM, Tororo Women)

Oceng Alex (FDC, Gulu Municipality)

Odit John (UPC, Erute County)

Odonga Otto (FDC, Aruu County)

Oduman Albert Charles (FDC, Bukedea County)

Ogenga Latigo Morris (FDC, Agago County)

Ogwang John (UPC, Kole County)

Ogwel Loote Sammy  (INDEP, Moroto Municipality)

Ojok B’Leo  (INDEP,  Kioga County)

Okecho William (INDEP,  West Budama North)

Okello Okello Livingstone (UPC, Chua County)

Okumu Ronald Reagan  (FDC, Aswa County)

Okupa Elijah (FDC, Kasilo County)

Oleny Charles Ojok  (INDEP, Usuk County)

Oleru Huda (INDEP, Yumbe Women)

Omolo Peter  (FDC, Soroti County)

Opange Louis (INDEP, Pallisa County)

Otafiire Kahinda  (NRM, Ruhinda County)

Otekat John Emilly (INDEP, Serere County)

Otto Ishaa Amiza  (UPC, Oyam South)

Oyet Simon  (FDC,  Nwoya County)

Pajobo Bruno (NRM, Workers)

Piro Santos Eruaga (INDEP, East Moyo)

Ringe Chan David  (UPC, Padyere County)

RukutanaMwesigwa (NRM, Rushenyi County)

Sanjay Tanna (INDEP, Tororo Municipality)

Sebaggala Lartif (DP, Kawempe North)

Sebuliba Mutumba Richard  (DP, Kawempe South)

Sejjoba Isaac (INDEP, Bukoto County Mid-west)

Sempala Naggayi Nabilah  (FDC, Kampala Women)

Sempala Naggayi Nabilah (FDC, Kampala Woman)

Seninde Nansubuga (NRM, Bukoto County)

Seninde N. Rosemary  (NRM, Wakiso Women)

Ssekikubo Theodore (NRM, Lwemiyaga County)

Tete Chelangat (NRM, Bukwo Woman)

Toolit Simon Aketch (FDC, Omoro County)

Wacha Ben (INDEP, Oyam County)

Wadri Kassiano Ezati (FDC, Terego)



Abura Pirir Samuel (NRM, Matheniko County)

Amongi Beatrice Lagada  (NRM, Oyam Women)

Asiimwe Brian (NRM, Ntoroko County)

Auru Anne  (INDEP, Moyo Women)

Baba Diri Margaret (NRM, Koboko Women)

Baba James Boliba  (NRM, Koboko County)

Badda Fred (NRM, Bujumba County)

Baliddawa Edward Kafufu  (NRM, Kigulu North)

Bikwasizehi K. Deusdedit  (NRM, Buhweju County)

Birekeraawo Nsubuga (DP, Bukoto South)

Boona Emma  (NRM, Mbarara Women)

Bukenya Gilbert (NRM, Busiiro County)

Bumba Syda (NRM, Nakaseke County)

D’Ujanga Simon (NRM, Okoro County)

Jachan-Omach Fred (NRM, Jonam County)

Kutesa Sam (NRM, Mawogola County)

Lyomoki Sam (NRM, Workers)

Mukwaya Janat (NRM, Mukono County South)

Nakadama Isanga Lukia (NRM, Mayuge Women)

Nalule Safia Juuko (NRM, PWD)

Namirembe Bitamazire G. (NRM, Mpigi Women)

Nvumetta Kavuma Ruth  (NRM, Kalangala Women)

Nyago Lydia Kibwika (NRM, Namutumba Women)

Onek Hillary (Lamwo County)

Rukundo Serapio (NRM, Kabale Municipality)

Sabila Herbert (NRM, Tingey County)

Sejjoba Isaac (INDEP, Bukoto Mid-West)

Sekitoleko Kabonesa Juliet (NRM, Kibaale Women)

Serunjogi Lastus Katende (NRM, Kiboga East)

Tumwebaze Frank (NRM, Kibale County)

Urban Tibamanya (NRM, Kashari County)


Against censure

Ahabwe G. Pereza (NRM, Rubanda East)

Alupo Jessica (NRM, Katakwi Women)

Amama Mbabazi  (NRM, Kinkiizi West)

Arimpa Kigyagi John (NRM, Mbarara Municipality)

Bucyanayandi Tress (INDEP, Bufumbira South)

Byamukama Nulu (NRM, Kitagwenda County)

Ejua Simon  (NRM, Vurra County)

Hashaka K. Florence (NRM, Kamwenge Women)

Kabanda Sabano Pherry (NRM, Budaka Women)

Kakooza James (NRM, Kabula County)

Kaliba Steven  (NRM, Fort Portal Municipality)

Katongole Badhul (NRM, Kyaka County)

Kawanga John Baptist (DP, Masaka Municipality)

Kibedi Zaake Wanume (NRM, Youth)

Kiboijana Margaret (NRM, Ibanda Women)

Kiryapawo Loi Kageni  (NRM, Budaka County)

Kubeketerya James (NRM, Bunya East)

Kyahurwenda Tomson  (NRM, Buhaguzi County)

Mwesige Adolf (NRM, Bunyangabu County)

Mwesigye Hope (NRM, Kabale Women)

Najjemba Rosemary (NRM, Gomba County)

Saleh Kamba (NRM, Kibuku County)

Sam Byanagwa (NRM, Rukiga County)

Sam Kuteesa(NRM, Mawogola County)

Tashobya Stephen (NRM, Kajara County)

Tinkasiimire Barnabas (NRM, Buyaga County)



Akol Rose Okullu  (NRM Bukedea  Woman)

Akumu Mavenjina Catherine (NRM, Nebbi Women)

Kyamulesire Ramadhan (UPDF)

Kyomugisha Grace (UPDF)

Okori-Moe Janet (NRM,Abim Women)

Sekyanzi Ndawula (NRM, Bamunanika County)

Wakikona W. David (NRM, Manjiya County)

Wamakuyu Mudimi (NRM, Bulambuli County)

Wambuzi Gagawala (NRM, Bulamogi County

Wangwa R. Nagudi ( NRM, Mbale  Women)


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