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Leticia Nabirye; goat and wine trader

By Agnes E. Nantaba

Leticia Nabirye returned to her family home in Kibuku off Mbale – Tirinyi Road in 2009 after five years of trying in vain to carve a career in banking and finance in Kampala City.  Like many young people, she believed that heading to the capital to get a corporate job was the only way to a better future.  When she realized that a job was not working for, she sought help from different entrepreneurship and business coaches including Enterprise Uganda on which business idea she could pursue back ‘in the village.’ The rest is now history, like they say.

“I realized that there were hugely valuable assets in my community that I could exploit to create a sustainable business and earn a brighter future,” says Nabirye.  She took over dormant land owned by her father to start a goat farm and vineyard, both of which supply a local restaurant she owns in the town centre. So far, both businesses employ ten people.

Success tips; Hard work and saving

Nabirye warns against laxity in the business. “At whatever level you start your business, you should take it seriously, be devoted and save whatever little money you have; don’t spend it all,” she says.  She says it’s always important to feed the animals on fresh grass and high quality food prepared on the farm from high quality ingredients.  She says this ensures high quality and all food nutrients and also increases overall productivity.

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