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LDU recruitment drive starts in Moroto

FILE PHOTO: President Yoweri Museveni at the passing out of LDUs after training.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF 3rd Division Command is set to recruit 3,000 Personnel to serve under the local Defense Unit, across the region. Headquartered in Moroto, the 3rd division command comprises Karamoja, Teso, Sebei, Bugisu and Bukedi sub-regions.

This is part of a drive to recruit up to 13,000 personnel to boost the UPDF reserve force. According to the 3rd Division Spokesman Abert Arinaitwe, the recruitment will start from Kaabong district today and continue up to Friday in the districts of Kotido, Abim, Moroto and Nakapiripirit.

The team will then move to Katakwi, Soroti and Kumi in Teso sub-region between July 20 and 22, and proceed to Kapchorwa in Sebei sub-region on July 23 before moving to Sironko and Mbale on July 24 and Tororo, Butaleja and Pallisa from July 26 to 28.

Arinaitwe said the drive is targeting adults aged between 19-25 years, starting from those that completed Primary education to those who attained a Uganda Certificate of Education.

There are more than 5000 LDUs recruited in Karamoja since 2002 to help fight remnants of armed warriors and cattle thefts in the region. But Arinaitwe says that the new recruits will be expected to form grassroots security teams in their respective districts, conduct patrols and manage hot crime spots.

A number of notices have been pinned across the region inviting interested candidates the seize the opportunity.




  1. In order to instill fear into the citizenry; it is only in a military dictatorship or under Communism where politicized militias like the LDC are used for security purpose. At this rate of militarizing every other citizen (the unemployed unemployable youths), and AK47 brandished everywhere, Uganda does not feel and look like a secure and peaceful country anymore.

    In other words, instead of civilizing Ugandans the NRM leadership is more and more, busy militarizing the citizens against each other. One would expect that the more democratized a country becomes, the more it is demilitarized. If the LDU is for the purpose of civil and local security purpose (petty crimes), why should the government arm them with automatic AK47 assault rifles, which are designed for the military in combat?

    Why aren’t they given the types of guns used by private security companies? Instead of the UPDF why isn’t the LDU trained and superintended by the Uganda Police, which is constitutionally mandated to handle law and and provide civil security to all Ugandans?

  2. Program for Western Uganda recruitment please people are worried of being left out

  3. Twazampora George

    Date of recruitment in mid western uganda we are waiting.

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