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LAST WORD: Why I love Donald Trump

In fact, while Jihadists come from different ethnic backgrounds, the vast majority of right wing terrorists in America are white. For example, out of 182 non-Jihadist perpetrators of terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11, 165 were by white, right wing terrorists – yes by WHITE right wing terrorists. I am sure you didn’t even know that America has white terrorist groups. The media only makes a murmur about their carnage when they orchestrate one.

America has invaded and/or bombed other countries, established detention facilities around the world where they kidnap young Muslim males and take them for torture in name of this endless “war on terror.” Its media elites have cheered it along. Having spent decades demonising Muslims and projecting them as violence prone, and criminalising black and brown people, the same media/political elites, especially the liberal media, now claim Trump is exploiting this fear, a fear they themselves have stocked for years and years.

Liberals in the West are the worst hypocrites. They indulge in coded racial messages to win votes. They will smile in your face and stub you in the back immediately after. What is refreshing about Trump is that he is the most honest and frank, albeit crude and unsophisticated, president the US has ever had. Every day I see him speak on television, I weep with joy because he is clear about what he stands for. He does not pretend. He does not lie or fake who he is.

In his first year as president, Barack Obama deported more Hispanics than George Bush did in his eight years. In that same first year, Obama threw more bombs (like the coward that he is, using drones) on Afghanistan and Pakistan than Bush had done in eight years. He bombed Libya, armed terrorists, and handed the country to them without bothering, as Bush tried to do in Iraq, to put boots on the ground to ensure order. The liberal media cheered him on.

Obama represented American liberal hypocrisy at its worst. He was able to conduct so much evil while speaking of democracy, human rights and internationalism with a pious expression. Obama put a six months ban on Iraq refugees entering America without a whisper of criticism from the groups now denouncing Trump. It is Obama who signed the law declaring as dangerous people of Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran and Iraq (Trump has only added Syria) without a whisper from these groups. Trump is only implementing Obama’s agenda – only in a more transparent way.

Last week, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News asked Trump why he wants to deal with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a man who “kills people”. Trump was brutally frank and said America kills people too. A pot should not call a kettle black. It caused uproar. But America is close to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the worst dictatorships on earth. Obama visited Saudi Arabia and kissed the tyrant’s hand. Why not Trump? American liberal elites pretend about their virtues and lie about the vices of others. Trump should not have term limits. The world needs him because he is the most transparent president the U.S has ever produced.




  1. The West survives on hypocrisy, serving its ideology of domination. Trump curves the niche of exceptionable honesty and predictability as a political actor. Because his hell-bent desire and commitment ‘to make America great again’ feeds into the ideology of domination, his reign on top will continue to attract as admiration of conservatives as the ridicule of the hypocrite democrats. The political experimentation, depending on the critical balance of the opposing forces, may significantly affect America’s geo-political positioning as the global policeman. While in the end America may attract more enemies than friends, and emerge weaker than stronger, the resultant global restructuring will most likely leave the world better. Trump therefore offers an alternative political experimentation whose positive outcomes are poised to outweigh the negatives. A blessing in disguise of sorts.

  2. Mwenda so are you the hypocrite. It is not that you like Trump; it is that you hate Obama’s guts. Most of what many suggested earlier on would mark Trump’s presidency, namely chaos, ineptness and disarray, is panning out, so quickly. The Muslim ban was unlawful (unconstitutional), rushed and incompetently rolled out. Even some of his supporters are beginning to have second thoughts and experience buyers remorse, and yet it has only been three weeks since he was inaugurated. They’re incensed by his penchant for petty un-presidential tweeter feuds. Things may soon spin out of control.

  3. 1. Trump has just spent less than a month in White House and is about to complete his Manifesto this is the way to go.

    2.USA this time should stand rebuked.The world was so surprised with the loop holes in the Immigration system imagine despite the stringent measures they had in place for USA Visa application there are millions of illegal migrants in USA is there fraud in this department?yes of course.

    3. Drugs enter USA thru Mexico surely aren’t these drugs responsible for the high college dropout of most blacks and misuse of guns?doesn’t govt have the responsibility of being security conscious by restricting entry to USA?It appears there is some benefits those opposing Muslims entry in USA r missing.

    4.Trump is a good of signs of a good person/husband is ;One who keeps a bible in his bedside locker(That kills us ladies)Why do you think he rest his hand on 2 bibles one of Lincoln and the one given to him by his mother during the swearing in?
    5.All Trump is asking of the world is ,1st develop your nations then come to USA for Vacation.2ndly who does not know that all terrorist are from the Arab world ?

    6.Why are the democrats so much on tension with the Trump regime?its coz there is alot of dirt in the US system Trump is a wise man he has surrounded himself with close business associates and Family to avoid being poisoned or assassinated.

    7.USA has both worlds i.e good showbiz ,Finance,IT & a great health system(The Health facilities are really good( I once went for a dental checkup in the one of the best dental facilities in Ug during the check up the dentist has hitting my tooth with his tools i asked him whether thats they way they check their patients he told yes i told him to stop the check up immediately. In USA the dentist simply scanned my teeth and said they were ok what does this mean that we just need modern equipment to improve our health facilities.
    8.Back dating of ones’s birth date is in UPC .When the Union jack was lowered in 1962 Cecila Ogwal was 30 years of age recently she claimed she was just sweet 70 (I know even Adhola her great friend was shocked)

    • You wrote: “When the Union jack was lowered in 1962 Cecila Ogwal was 30 years of age recently she claimed she was just sweet 70 (I know even Adhola her great friend was shocked)” I really can’t call Cecilia Ogwal my friend; however, there is no way Cecilia Ogwal could have been 30 in 1962. Cecilia Ogwal was a year ahead of me at the University of Nairobi. Let us do a little arithmetic here. If she was 30 in 1962, and it is 55 years since 1962, that means she would be 85 today. Does Cecilia Ogwal really look 85?

      • @Adhola there is nothing wrong with Cecilia being your friend back then friends just held hands without kissing.What is your intention of saying she did not look a mature entrant at the University?The fact is she can’t be 70 even if she completed University at 19 which was impossible then.

        You may be living in USA but me who lives in Africa may have visited a better dental facility.

        How come you have never commented on Archbishop Luwum’s death? How could he have died in an accident on a road which is not a highway.

        • (1)You wrote: “@Adhola there is nothing wrong with Cecilia being your friend back then friends just held hands without kissing.” Cecilia Ogwal is just not my friend. Why do you insist on her being my friend? Why do you want to chose for me friends?

          (2) You also wrote: “What is your intention of saying she did not look a mature entrant at the University?” Mature entrants are those who come to university after they have been out of school for sometime. Their entry is not normal through possession of school certificates; but through a combination of credentials. They tend to be rather older than those who come direct from school.

          (3)You also wrote: “The fact is she can’t be 70 even if she completed University at 19 which was impossible then.” I never said Cecilia Ogwal completed university at 19. Read my comment again.

  4. i think using drones to bomb rather than sacrificing human lives is not being a coward its smart. why would you put your troops in harms way when technology can help avert that. no president is going to the frontline and pull triggers he send troops, why would you call him a coward? that is just below the belt and smells of bias rather than balanced views. why would anyone want to send humans to their deaths and remain in the comfort of their offices and say by sending humans to die i therfore i am brave!!! and you neglect the fact that obama stuck to his promise of turning the control of these countries back to their citizens. he increased funding of the country’s forces and trainings of the security forces. which is what he promised. he just did not yell it, which is what i am starting to believe is what people believe as action. “i am done” is just the same as “I AM DONE”

  5. last I have somebody who thinks differently from the crowd..

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