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KWAR ADHOLA: Revive the Bukedi Parliamentary Group

Current and former MPs from Tororo at Coronation ceremonies for the Kwar Adhola in 2019 at Achilet. Kwar Adhola Moses Owor has urged greater unity at local level to enable better negotiation at national level. FILE PHOTO

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor has urged Members of Parliament (MPs) in Tororo and neigbouring districts to lead the revival of the Bukedi Parliamentary caucus that can help spur development in the region.

He has challenged the MPs to also push parliament and government so that Tororo becomes the second city after Mbale in Bukedi-Bugisu region, by 2025.

The message from the Kwar Adhola was delivered by Josel R Obbo, the Jago (Prime Minister) of the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) before he chaired a Tororo MPs-elect strategic meeting held at the king’s palace on Easter Monday.

Other than Fox Odoi (West Budama North East) who had an accident on the way to the meeting, it was  a full house of MPs elect from Tororo. The meeting had Oboth Oboth (West Budama central), Max Ochai (West Budama North), Emmanuel Otaala (West Budama South), Apollo Yeri (Tororo Municipality), Sarah Opendi (Woman MP Tororo), Benard Oneni Odoi Mutusa (Youth MP elect) and Hellen Asamo (MP for disabled Eastern).

Other leaders at the meeting were John Okeya – Chairman LC 5,  the TACI Deputy Jago, senior royal advisors to Kwar Adhola, Speaker to the Supreme Assembly, Chairman radio committee TBN, some members of the royal family.

“I congratulate you all upon your election. Tororo has never been as strong as it is today. Our desire is that while you’re doing your work, pay close attention to 13 key areas that may have a trickle-down effect on our people,” Jago Jose Obbo told the leaders.

He cited the revival of a Tororo or Bukedi Parliament caucus and their main town attaining city status, as two of the 13 areas to focus on in the next five years.

“Revive the Bukedi Parliamentary caucus. Link with other MP’s from outside Tororo town. Set up communication platforms and master-mind groups for sharing ideas,” Obbo challenged the MPs.

Tororo town strategically set near the border with Kenya is lobbying for a city status.

‘Tororo City’ dreams alive

The Jago said Tororo deserved to have been on the list of newly formed cities. He also argued that a new status will help resolve the bitter differences over a request by Tororo County for their own district separating them from West Budama. Jago said the issue is dividing the people of the area and has slowed development in the district.

“It’s quite disappointing to see other places of similar or less status being elevated to city status, while Tororo is frustrated. This is all because of disunity,” he told the leaders. He added that, ” the acquisition of Tororo City, will automatically lay to rest the Tororo question by all means. Let’s have Tororo City within the next five years.”

The Jago said MP’s from the Tororo counties of South and North should be counseled.

” We call upon them to guide their people to stop wasting time on unrealistic demands that are frustrating development in Tororo. They should also be invited to join this team meeting today to develop Tororo,” he said.

He assured the leaders that once Tororo City is granted, there will be no county that again can claim that it owns the city.  Both West Budama and Tororo County which wanted to break away, are claiming Tororo town, a fact which delayed a government decision to give Tororo county district status.

“The City is politically higher than a County. A City is an international entity and belongs to all people. The remaining parts of the district can be divided into three other districts of Mukuju/Kwapa (Tororo County North and South), Nagongera/Kisoko (WBN and WBNE) and Mulanda (WBC and WBS). The headquarters of the new districts can be discussed.”

Leader of the Luo delegation from Kenya hands HRH Kwar Adhola a message at the 20th coronation anniversary celebrations in 2019.

Tieng Adhola projects

The TACI Prime Minister briefed the MPs about three major projects, some of which have stalled for years, that need completion.

That is the Palace whose initial phase of constructiion was started by government, but unfortunately went silent for years after initially injecting sh250 million to kick-start it in 2011.

They were also briefed about the  African Women University of Science and Technology in Tororo (AWUSTT), a project that is a joint partnership with FAWE – Uganda Chapter.

Also being prioritized is the media project, that is Tororo Broadcasting Network (TBN). “We hope this radio project will close the gap between the leadership of the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI) and the community, in addition to raising some income for the Institution,” Jago Obbo said.


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  1. Actually to stop the tangle between the two tribes in Tororo a city status is needed let us pray to the Almighty God to bless our leaders to join hands together and fight for that

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