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Kenya votes today

By The Independent Team

Kenyans will today choose a president, members of parliament and senators, county governors and members of the newly formed county assembly.

The Presidential race that has eight candidates vying for the post has been seen by many observers as mainly a two-horse race with Prime Minister Raila Odinga against Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta.

Recent polls have showed a close race between the two candidates and many have suggested that a run off cannot be ruled out in order to decide the presidency.

Tensions were high in the port city of Mombasa with reports of an ambush blamed on a separatist movement that killed five police officers in the early hours before the opening of polling stations.

Similar scenes of violence though isolated have left observers repeatedly warning of the risk of renewed conflict.

Kenyans in Uganda queued up at the Kenya High Commission located in lower Kololo to cast their vote.

Some of the Kenyans that The Independent managed to speak to say they do not expect a repeat of the bloody 2007-2008 post-poll violence in which over 1100 people were killed and that they are ready to support and work with whichever candidate the people of Kenya vote into power.

Results of the presidential election are expected to be announced within 48 hours in the absence of any delay.

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